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Virginia Mammoli

July 16, 2015

The masterpieces by Botticelli temporarily in the Hall 41

Works for the New Uffizi, but fear not, the work has just moved

Until the spring of 2016 to that of Hall of Pollaiolo and Botticelli in the Uffizi Gallery, are no longer accessible to visitors, to proceed with the project of the New Uffizi.

The most famous paintings of Botticelli so far exhibited in Room 10-14 will then be temporarily moved to a large room accessible from the Third Corridor, the Hall 41 Gallery, where in the past were placed monumental paintings by Rubens, specially restored to house the masterpieces Florentine master.

"We are at the most sensitive point of the New Uffizi - said Antonio Natali, director of the gallery - because we are touching one of the most important area of museum. The masterpieces by Botticelli are the most sought-after creations of the entire collection, so in order not to interrupt the reading, the Uffizi hath worked night and day to create another room that harbored them for the duration of the restructuring. And in the end I believe that in the new environment you can enjoy a vision of the works of Sandro even more exciting. "

Here is a list of the works of Sandro Botticelli that will be visible in the Hall 41:

Adorazione dei Magi
Madonna col bambino e santi
Madonna del Magnificat
Madonna del melograno
Pallade e il centauro
Nascita di Venere
Ritratto di uomo con la medaglia
Storie di Giuditta

In the same hall is also on display the great Portinari Triptych by Hugo van der Goes that, in the project of reordering of the museological gallery, in this environment the same will soon be the focus of an exhibition entirely devoted to painting Nordic foreign fifteenth.


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