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Giulia Carla Cecchi

The atelier has been inherited by Mrs. Pola Margherita, who continues and transforms the work originally started by Giuliacarla Cecchi in the 1930s. Artisan know-how blends with art, following in the footsteps of Giuliacarla and her son, Marzio, an architect who passed away in 1990. Margherita, daughter and sister, brings family tradition to her work with both the haute-couture fashion house Giuliacarla Cecchi and Studio Most, founded by Marzio Cecchi organization of architecture and design. Homes, shops, hotels designed by the studio start here, conceived of as unique pieces of high fashion and crafted with priceless fabrics, pelt, Plexiglas gems or pietre dure, all on display in the gallery in Via Jacopo da Diacceto, 14.

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