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January 12, 2024

Abetone and Val di Luce: what to do and where to eat

The best restaurants and top addresses to relax in the white terrace of Tuscany

A plunge into nature, with the Tuscan Apennines, the Val di Luce and fir forests providing the backdrop to an unchanged picture. For centuries an unmissable destination for ski enthusiasts and an unmissable and fun date with the snow, the Tuscan Apennines is the perfect opportunity to rediscover winter sports, but also an area with a deep-rooted, ancient food and wine tradition, linked inseparably to inimitable local products and production.

But what to do and where to go to turn a weekend or a ski week into a relaxing experience among nature, sports and good food? We tell you by suggesting contacts and gourmet addresses not to be missed.

val di luce



The ski area is divided into three main areas: that consisting of the historical slopes of Abetone, Selletta and Chierroni (blue) and Riva (red). The area on the Emilia side that includes the three Zeno (two red and one black). Also in this area are the Pulicchio and Stucchi slopes. In the last area of the Abetone ski resort, however, are the Val di Luce slopes. In total there are 14 easy slopes, 14 medium slopes and 1 difficult slope. The other possible winter spots are snowshoeing, snowmobile rides, and snow trekking.



A small resort best known for its ski facilities. Also worth seeing is the botanical garden, which was inaugurated in 1987 and can be reached by car following the signs for Pian di Novello; however, it is open only in summer from June to September. In the village it is worth stopping in front of the International Peace Monument.


A monument that stands in the center of Abetone, intended to celebrate the importance of this communication route that would have ensured flourishing trade. The two structures are located one in what was the territory of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the other in that of the Duchy of Modena. Promoters of the work were Peter Leopold and Francis III.

Piramidi abetone


A small medieval town whose historic center is compact and pleasant to walk around. There is no shortage of stores, bars and restaurants, and everything has a more relaxed, less touristy atmosphere. From Cutigliano it is possible to take the cable car to the sunny mountain of Doganaccia, where in winter there are some ski slopes, suitable mainly for beginners, while in summer it is a perfect destination for exciting hikes.


The Abetone-Val di Luce area lapping Emilia Romagna allows a 360-degree sweep of the eye, reaching as far as the Tyrrhenian Sea: a mix of sports and tourism that can reach as far as Fiumalbo, the most 'Tyrolean' village in central Italy. Among the main attractions to see are the Oratory of San Rocco built in the Renaissance style and the Museum of Sacred Art. Among the most important churches we have the Church of the Immaculate Conception where you can admire the frescoes of the Virgin and the Madonna and Child between Saints Bartholomew and Rocco and the Church of Saints Donnino and Francis.


    Via Val di Luce, 22
    ph. +39 0573 60961

Not to be missed is a day at the Crystal Pool at the Val di Luce Spa Resort, which is also the most beautiful hotel complex in the area with 32-degree water and a glass pyramid as a cover so you don't miss any of the view. Alpine-style charm for this spa at the foot of the Val di Luce slope.

val di luce spa resort


    Via Brennero, 245
    ph. +39 0573 60073

Comfortable and cozy place with a distinctly mountain atmosphere, perfect for taking refuge during colder days while sampling local dishes from the area. Also perfect for a hot chocolate or tea in the afternoon.

La casina

  • Il Rifugio Baita del Pulicchio

Very comfortable wooden lodge ideal for a comfortable stop. Inside we find a well-stocked self-service, sandwich and focacceria, and a panoramic lounge served by the restaurant that offers typical Tuscan-Emilian dishes. On weekends, you can find the barbecue lit on the terrace where grills and hot dogs are prepared, all accompanied by music and entertainment.

baita pulicchio

  • Trattoria da Fagiolino
    Via Carega, 1 (Cutigliano, Pt)
    ph. +39 057368014

Opened in the early 1950s by Alvaro Innocenti, son of Cecco, known as Fagiolino, because he was long and slender like a budding string bean. The restaurant offers traditional cuisine and genuine flavors.

Da fagiolino

  • Ristorante Val di Luce Spa Resort

Service, care and refinement enrich the atmosphere of the resort restaurant where we can enjoy dishes inspired by traditional recipes. Strong point is the wine cellar with a careful selection of wines, created with the intent to impress and complete the sensory experience with the perfect glass for your menu. If you are, however, in the mood to warm up with a hot chocolate or enjoy a cocktail, the in-house bar and snowbar are available within easy walking distance of the resort.

val di luce resort

  • Rifugio Le Rocce (si raggiunge solo con gli sci)
    Via Val di Luce, 71
    ph. +39 392 6479673

A delightful wooden Chalet located in the valley, across from the Piazza della Val di Luce. Chalet Le Rocce is strategically located for a relaxing stop and lunch break during your skiing. In typical mountain style it also has a beautiful outdoor terrace where you can stop and sunbathe. In the evening it turns into a hangout for aperitifs on the slopes and a cozy restaurant for special occasions.

panorama dal rifugio le rocce

  • Ristorante Da Pierone Abetone
    Via Brennero, 556
    ph. +39 335 6139911

Specializing in mountain cuisine, Da Pierone Restaurant offers tasty and hearty dishes in a simple and cozy setting. It has a beautiful panoramic dining room and offers ice cream and desserts prepared with delicious fruits of the undergrowth.

da pierone

  • Ristorante Locanda dello Yeti
    Via Brennero, 324
    ph. +39 0573 606974

A cozy, family atmosphere for typically earthy cuisine with products from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The specialty is mushrooms accompanied by wines of excellent quality. Ideal for a dinner with friends, but also suitable for more intimate and cozy dinners.

  • Ristorante Melograno
    Via Brennero, 331
    ph. +39 0573 60549

Located downtown, it is one of the most renowned restaurants in the locality. High-quality typical Tuscan cuisine in a cozy, well-kept and refined setting where the aromas of the cuisine, among the flavors of fresh mushrooms and grilled meat, intoxicate and stimulate the appetite.

Ristorante Melograno

  • Bar Lupo Bianco

Breakfasts, quick lunches, but especially aperitifs. On weekends, starting at 10:30 p.m., live music and excellent cocktails accompany the atmosphere that the band creates inside the venue by performing the vast repertoire of Italian music, involving the audience from the beginning of the evening.


  • La bottega di Loli (jams and mushrooms - via Brennero, Str. dell'Abetone e del Brennero, 337 - ph. +39 0573 60041)

  • Sapori del Lago Nero (cookies and tarts - via del Sestaione, 14 Cutigliano - ph. +39 0573673312)

  • La Latteria (cheeses and yogurt - via Pacioni, 17 Cutigliano - ph. +39 0573 68280)


  • Hotel Bellavista
    Via Brennero, 383
    ph. +39 0573 60028

The 4-star hotel is centrally located with respect to the heart of the town, ski facilities and trekking trails. It is the ideal place to stay for a vacation in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines under the banner of complete relaxation, surrounded by the lush nature of this mountain. Overall classic and modern, comfortable but also familiar, it is an ideal reference point for both a winter and summer stay.

hotel bellavista

  • I Pionieri
    Via Val di Luce, 54
    ph. +39 0573 609044

Located at the foot of the ski slopes and nature trails, I Pionieri (3 stars) offers all the amenities for a relaxing vacation. The warm and cozy rooms, furnished in the simple and functional mountain style, are equipped with every comfort.

I Pionieri abetone


The daily ski pass for weekdays costs € 36.00 if done online or € 37.50 if done at the ticket office; the daily ski pass for holidays costs € 48.00 online and € 49.50 at the ticket office. Full details and further multi-day passes can be found HERE.

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