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Art In the Gallery Hotel Vicolo dell'Oro

Spoon - I eat earth, a tribute to the group Expo2015 Lungarno Collection

The wall of the Gallery Hotel Art Vicolo dell'Oro in Florence for several years is the canvas on which the artist and designer Simone D'Auria (art director of the hotel group Lungarno Collection, owned by the Ferragamo family) creates original installations.
One that has just inaugrata these days is titled Spoon - I eat earth, a tribute to Expo2015 and the theme Feeding the Planet. Energy for life that animates the picturesque square just steps from the Ponte Vecchio. More than 60 recycled plastic spoons and regenerable were prepared following the pattern of the target (a series of spoon white surrounds a central tablespoons red) on the wall of the hotel. And while a giant spoon higher than 5 meters to life in the middle of the Golden Lane, in front of the camera store Leica is prepared an original spoon-bench to stimulate, as happened with the previous works of D'Auria, a ' interaction with the public passage. So take note and do not forget to go from there to a selfie!

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