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Green pass
January 10, 2022

Covid-19, starting today the new rules on Super Green Pass: what changes

From transportation to hotels, from exhibitions to restaurants, even outdoors: the calendar of new regulations

Starting today, Monday, January 10, new rules related to the Super Green Pass go into effect throughout Italy, marking a further squeeze for the unvaccinated. The enhanced green certificate, which is obtained only with vaccination or recovery from Covid-19, now serves to access various services. In addition, as of today, the time gap for receiving the third dose is reduced.

The new rules apply throughout Italy, regardless of the color of the region, and remain in effect until March 31, 2022.

Where the Super Green Pass is needed:

  • on public or private scheduled means of transport: it is therefore necessary to take planes, trains, ships and ferries, scheduled buses and coaches connecting more than two Regions, buses and coaches used for rental services with driver, means used in local or regional public transport services (with the exception of public transport to and from the smaller islands, for which from January 10 to February 10 the basic Green Pass is sufficient).

  • in bars and restaurants for consumption at the counter and at the table indoors, and also for outdoor consumption.

  • for access to gambling halls, betting shops, bingo halls and casinos.

  • for access to ski lifts in ski resorts.

  • for outdoor and indoor sports or motor activities in gyms, swimming pools, and swimming centers. Also required for team sports and sports activities in sports centers and clubs, outdoors and indoors, and for indoor contact sports.

  • to stay in accommodation facilities and to use indoor, indoor and outdoor catering services.

  • for access to wellness centers, spas (both indoor and outdoor), theme and amusement parks.

  • for access to exhibitions, museums and other places of culture, including archives and libraries. 

  • to participate in festivities resulting in civil and religious ceremonies, in festivals and fairs, including in public areas, in conventions and congresses, both outdoors and indoors.

As of today, the time for administration of the booster/third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine is also shortened: it will be possible to receive it at least 4 months after the conclusion of the primary cycle, instead of 5. In addition, the administration of the additional dose for children between 12 and 15 years old is opened.

It was already provided for in the last decree:

  • obligation to wear masks even on the street throughout the country

  • obligation to have green pass base (first dose of vaccine or negative swab) to exceed the stores that perform services to persons: hairdressers and beauticians.

  • obligation (from February 1) to have the green pass base (first dose of vaccine or negative swab) to exceed in all stores and public offices. Excluded from the ban are essential services such as pharmacies, grocery stores and supermarkets.

  • obligation to wear the mask Ffp2 (at least until March 31) to enter in:
    cinemas and theaters
    museums and exhibitions
    stadiums and sporting events
    It is also not possible to consume food or drinks in these places.

Fondazione Teatro della Toscana
  • until January 31, 2022 will be closed the discos and forbidden to organize parties in public places.

  • until January 31, 2022 will be prohibited events in the square or outdoor spaces.
    there are no numerical limitations for dinners at home although the government recommends the use of masks and spacing.

  • Enhanced green pass requirement to enter RSAs. Those who have not had their third dose will also be required to submit a negative swab result.

  • a screening activity for those who return from abroad to Italy with random testing in maritime airports and airports. If the test is positive will be mandatory preventive isolation for 10 days at home or in Covid Hotels.

  • Compulsory vaccination for all Italian citizens and foreigners residing in our country who are over 50 years with fines of up to 100 euros. Those who have a job, both in the public and in the private sector will have to have the green pass reinforced from February 15, 2022.


  • For those with the Enhanced Green Pass (2 doses within 120 days, in case of contact with a positive, quarantine will be reduced to 5 days, after which a negative swab will be required.

  • For those who have received the booster dose or have had their green certificate reinforced for less than 120 days, no more isolation but a form of self-monitoring (in the absence of symptoms). A swab will be required after 5 days.

  • For the unvaccinated, there are no changes: in case of close contact with a positive person, the quarantine will be 10 days, as provided by the rules already in force, after which a negative swab is required.

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