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Eccellenza di Toscana

text Roberto Bellini

February 26, 2024

Eccellenza di Toscana, the guide to the Best Tuscan Wines

The second edition of the AIS Toscana guide entirely dedicated to Tuscan wine and producers

Eccellenza di Toscana is the AIS Toscana guide entirely and exclusively devoted to Tuscan wines and producers.

Nearly 2,000 wines reviewed and ranked with numerical scores in hundredths for 480 wineries complete with information on catering, hospitality, wine experiences and tastings. The guide dedicated to the best wine producers in the region is unique in its kind. An unprecedented account of Tuscany and its vocation for wine, signed by the best AIS sommeliers told in a voluminous but manageable 560-page tome.

Eccellenza di Toscana 2024 - best Tuscans wines guide


An easy-to-follow guide that corresponds to each page in tabular form with an analysis, review and evaluation of each winery's wines. The wineries are grouped by province, which in turn are distinguished at a glance by the use of different colors. Also new in this edition is the publication of an image of the label of each winery's best wine for a more pleasing visual impact of each entry. Also included at the end is thelist of the best Tuscan wines of 2024, namely those above the 91/100 score.

An ambitious project that sees the best sommelier tasters of AIS Toscana lined up at the tasting and evaluation counters and that aims to survey the best wineries in Tuscany each year, a different way of telling the story of the wine of our region.

All wines are described with organoleptic notes and each one reports a score expressed in hundredths, and for each wine there is a suggested food pairing. The guide indicates which wineries have accommodations, both hotel and restaurant, and whether they offer additional services such as wine experiences and tastings. The current project, which is the result of the work of the teams of tasters and editors who produced the VITAE guide, has seen the involvement of other editors/tasters in order to create a professionally versatile team. In fact, the project plans to expand the number of wineries featured in the Guide, focusing the narrative on the enhancement of those areas that are proposing innovative wines, wines that have absorbed their historicity and are sprouting new blood in the Tuscan wine industry.

The future of this Guide is to capture the sense of Tuscan Excellence that goes beyond wine, which still remains our 'excellence,' our heart, will expand in informing readers of the places where they can find sommeliers active in restaurants, wine bars, hôtellerie, and wine-bars. Alongside this project are also planned wine-tasting events tagged Eccellenza di Toscana, so as to activate an appeal that goes beyond regional borders; for this reason, the Guide will also be available in bookstores because it is designed to interest tourists as well, not just sommeliers, specialists and producers. Published by Gruppo Editoriale, the publication is characterized and appreciated for its manageable format, graphicessentiality,immediacy of concepts, ease of reference and reading, and the sommelier verve, light-hearted and spirited of Tuscan sommeliers. This edition features more than three hundred wineries, all excellent interpreters of their territoriality; thanks are due to them for sharing this idea, because we are convinced that uniting the different dimensions of making and being wine can only represent a point of excellence for all.

"This guide is the result of a close collaboration between Gruppo Editoriale and AIS Toscana that has lasted for almost 20 years," says Gruppo Editoriale publisher Matteo Parigi Bini. "But Eccellenza di Toscana is also an opportunity to tell the story of our region as a true insider not only in the world of wine but also in the world of taste, tradition and hospitality.

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