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January 9, 2018

Fabric is art

The David and Italian textile tradition by Lanificio Luigi Ricceri: stars in a video installation by Felice Limosani

A magical bond between business and art, retracing the steps of the patronage and openness that made Florence beautiful and at the same time with tremendous innovation that started centuries past. This is the essence of the Fabric is Art project that sees Lanificio Luigi Ricceri take centre stage alongside the David at the Accademia, where textile art is also celebrated with the exhibition Textile and Riches in 14th-century Florence. Ten exclusive and iconic fabrics from the wool mill star in a video installation by Felice Limosani, which sees the patterns projected onto Michelangelo’s David. Technology blends with the statue’s sculpted beauty and the hues of the finely crafted textiles.
The 10 patterns of the Ricceri collection come to life through digital art and pixel light: the animated textures wrap around the masterpiece’s marble surface, instilling the world’s most famous statue with a new visual, expressive and symbolic force. “Like sculpture, textiles are an artistic language that reminds us that art is an extension of craftsmanship and that it lives on outside of galleries and museums,” emphasized Felice Limosani, explaining the project. Along the same lines, Francesco Ricceri commented, “It’s very moving to see our textiles projected onto such an important work of art. I’d like to dedicate this opportunity to all Tuscan artisans who contribute, through their work, to the success of fashion houses all over the world.”
All-round Italian brilliance that expresses itself through Michelangelo’s great art as well as in the technological progress of Limosani who lends energy to beauty, and lastly in the savoir faire of our companies that, like Lanificio Ricceri, achieve the highest standards thanks to constant research and attention to raw materials. A hallmark of Lanificio Luigi Ricceri is a production cycle focused on the finest tailoring to ensure exclusive textiles for clients.



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