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Lorenzo Michelacci, AD di Tosconova.

text Virginia Mammoli

October 4, 2021

Lorenzo Michelacci, CEO of Tosconova

Bespoke furniture in the genes

An exclusive bespoke furniture brand since 1963, Tosconova encapsulates Made in Italy excellence in the world of prestige hospitality, thanks to a wide range of products made entirely in-house, the result of creativity, know-how and exceptional concern for environmental sustainability. Heading the company is Lorenzo Michelacci, the second generation of the family, who grew up in, and with, the Tosconova world.

Tradition and innovation: what do they mean to you?

A longstanding legacy of craftsmanship, along with research into new design techniques, in order to continue our constant journey in high quality materials, processes and furniture design.

Moritz divano ambient Tosconova

What is the company’s greatest strength?

People. I’ve always had a vision of the business as a shared space, where the concept of togetherness is expressed through common synergy and collective decisions. 

Are your products the result of tradition or innovation?

You can’t have one without the other. The important thing is to evaluate the context, keeping an open and flexible mind towards the constant changes we come up against.

Can you give us a brief idea of your approach to craftsmanship, design and service?

Craftsmanship is quality and knowledge, but it’s also the coming together of the talents our country has to offer. Design is beauty, the possibility of giving pleasure thanks to furniture that reflects individual personalities. Service is a comprehensive thing, and embraces every aspect of the business. Design, production and packaging are all done in-house.

Charlotte Lampada frontale legno Tosconova

Do you remember your first time at the company?

Of course. These are memories that will always be with me. I’m very fond of recalling my first day in the upholstery department; I spend hours looking at the endless weaves of the fabrics.

Your Florence in three favourite places?

I like to think of Florence as the city where we grew up, full of art and craftsmanship that provide a constant source of inspiration. For me the whole city is a favourite place.

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