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October 15, 2018

Grand Gala of the Fondazione ANT

On 18 October at the wonderful Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio

It is the most eagerly-awaited charity event in Florence. A unique evening, attended by show business celebrities and great talents of music, theater and dance, this year returns to the wonderful Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio. It is the Grand Gala of the Fondazione ANT (Assistenza Nazionale Tumori/National Tumour Assistance), an unforgettable appointment, whose glamour conceals a mission of great importance: to help many people - to date, 125,000 throughout Italy - who, together with their families, are forced to face the many aspects of the disease.

On 18 October, performing in front of the 300 guests of this edition there will be the Florentine dancers Matteo Miccini and Victoria Aletta, young promises of classical ballet, and an orchestra with 45 musicians and 60 singers conducted by Grazia Rossi. In addition to the Grand Gala, and the tight network of volunteers who lend themselves to various initiatives, there are three more main events held in the city to raise funds used to cover the expenses - about one and a half million euros a year just for Tuscany - which must support ANT in offering its precious services: The Valentine’s Day at Palazzo Borghese, the auction in the Loggia dei Lanzi and the “Mercatino delle Firme” again at Palazzo Borghese, an event held this year from 16 to 18 November, organized with the territory’s most prestigious brands and which for the first time will be preceded by an exclusive preview, on Thursday, 15 October. The opportunity to buy a fabulous garment, helping the largest non-profit association committed to the support of cancer patients, founded 40 years ago by the oncologist Franco Pannuti. Precisely in the year of this important anniversary we have met with Simone Martini, representative for the area of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.

What intention inspired ANT?
The philosophy with which we operate is that of Eubiosia, (from Greek, “good life”), that is, the protection of the dignity of the patient. Thanks to the home care that we offer through our doctors and nurses, we avoid the patient having to leave home for a series of therapies and related activities, a positive factor, both mentally and practically. The support of our psychologists is also fundamental, explicitly addressed not only to the patients, but also to their families.

And as for prevention?
It is the other great front on which we act, both with days dedicated to analysis, such as mole mapping, and with meetings providing education for cancer prevention in schools and sports associations.

What keeps ANT’s great family together?
The testimonies that arrive every day from the patients and their loved ones, who tell us that with ANT by their side they have never felt alone.

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