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Pegna cover
March 16, 2020

Grocery delivery in Florence

The top places of the taste to treat yourself to some food and wine pampering even in these days

In Florence many supermarkets do home delivery, but perhaps not everyone knows that this service is also done by delicatessens and enotoche.

In this case we want to point out some places of taste to get a pampering in this period.

C.BIO - 055 2479271

"Cibo Buono Italiano Onesto." It is the organic food store in Via della Mattonaia of the Florentine chef Fabio Picchi, who has created a real empire of taste in his Sant'Ambrogio.
For those who live in the area, he finds it open, albeit with slightly shortened hours, while for home delivery, which is always the most advisable option, just call.


Butcher's shop Vignoli
(Via Pisana, 359 - 055 707197; Via Pisana, 359 - 055 707197; Via E. Gasperi, 19 - 055 573375; Piazza S. Pier Maggiore, 1r - 055 2480436)

Founded in 1946, the butcher's shop Vignoli, with as many as 4 outlets in the city, is the trusted shop of many Florentines for the purchase of meat of the highest quality, but not only. Along with meat, there is a wide range of excellent products, including oil, cheese, wine and pickles, but also their famous ready-to-cooked products, such as delicious chicken morsels with cashews, guinea fowl or stuffed rabbit and, for those who love ethnic flavours, pork rags with dark beans, chilli pepper and Mexican sauce. In addition to making home deliveries (a tip, since there are 4, point to the one closest to home), during this period you can also place an order by agreeing on the pickup time, so you can do it as quickly as possible.

Macelleria Vignoli

Galanti Firenze (Piazza della Libertà, 31r - 055 490359)

Since 1960 the Galanti Gastronomy has been synonymous with high gastronomy and has its precious roots in traditional country cooking. There are many specialties available, from the most sought after cheeses to fresh pasta, through sauces and delicious homemade dishes and the 1,500 labels selected by Andrea Galanti, Best Sommelier of Italy 2015. The rich menu available also in these days for home deliveries is a real treat.

Galanti firenze

Pegna dal 1860 - 055 282701

One of the most famous historical Florentine shops in the world. An old grocery store, full of all sorts of specialties, to order at home.

Pegna del 1860

Gualtieri pastry shop - 055 221771

Historic Florentine pastry shop opened in 1933 by Alfredo Gualtieri and Lina Cennini, the scion of a family of well-known pastry chefs in Florence. These days it is closed to the public, but you can taste their fantastic cakes, which will arrive directly from you, without moving. A bit of sweetness is what it takes.

Pasticceria Gualtieri

Bussotti wine shop - 055 483091

Along with excellent local wines and not, also various food specialties from various Italian regions. If you are not near via San Gallo no problem, even here a phone call is enough to receive everything at home.

Enoteca Bussotti

Bonatti wine shop (Via Vincenzo Gioberti 66/68r - 055 660050)

If you live in the area Piazza Beccaria, you have within walking distance another real institution for lovers of good wine. Opened in 1934, the Enoteca Bonatti offers a selection of cult bottles, including a wide selection of French labels, but also excellent spirits and liqueurs. The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 6pm. For home deliveries, you can write an email ((, or call, again from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 5pm.

enoteca bonatti

Vignoli wine shop - 055 2343220

Founded in 1936, since 1970 owned by the Vignoli family, a wine shop has all the familiar flavour of the old-fashioned shops. Both for those who live in the very close proximity, and for those who want to order at home, the current clock is from Monday to Friday from 8 to 13.

Enoteca Vignoli

Finally, three sweet goodies to order at home on Deliveroo, where you'll find a thousand variants of Venchi chocolate, the delicious ice cream from Gelateria Baroncini and Grom, perhaps with their famous cream.

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