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Lucca Comics 2022
October 21, 2022

Lucca Comics & Games 2022

From 28 October to 1 November big events, prestigious guests, previews and releases

The famous Tuscan fair dedicated to lovers of games, video games and comics returns to animate Lucca from 28 October to 1 November.

This new Lucca comics and games’ edition is called Hope chosen because it is one of the main topics of the comics and films that take part in the festival and to spread a message of hope which “is the last to die”. And, as one of the most famous Star Wars’ character would say, Yoda, “always hope there is”.

ph. Silvia Sangregorio


This year’s program has many surprises in store. Let’s start with international special guests. Tim Burton, one of the most acclaimed authors, will be at the festival on October 31 for the European preview of the first episode of the new series Wednesday, on Netflix from November 23. Chester B. Celbuski, Marvel’s editor in chief, will be at the Area Pro to scout among comic’s new talents. On October 28 Eimer Noone, the first woman to direct the orchestra at the Oscars, will direct the concert dedicated to The Witcher 3; present at the festival some of the Andor and Willow characters too, the first the new Star Wars series and the second the new Disney+ fantasy. From Japan, Atsushi Ohkubo, author of Soul Eater, Norihiro Yagi, creator of Ariadne In The Blue Sky, Nagabe, author of Girl From The Other Side and the character designer of Final Fantasy Yoshitaka Amano. And again, from France the screenwriter Arnaud Dollen and the cartoonist Jérôme Alquié, authors of the Knights of the Zodiac spin off. Then, many other international authors will be at the Lucca comics and games.

Lucca Comics 2019

Following, some of the Italian special guests will be the singer Francesca Michielin, who will present her first work in the narrative field, Il cuore è un organo, Valerio Lundini who is going to talk about his new short stories collection, and in collaboration with Prime Video Lillo and Frank Matano will launch their new series: Lillo and the show Prova Prova Sa Sa. Roberto Recchioni will make a commentary on his first direction project of the horror film Carne fredda while the cartoonist Zerocalcare will present his new comics report. In the city of Lucca there will also be Roberto Saviano who will launch for the first time the series Le storie della paranza while Sio, Dado, Fraffrog e Keison will announce on October 31 a project they are going to cooperate in.


A lot of celebrations are announced for the 2022 edition. For example, Spiderman will celebrate its 60 years with the extraordinary participation of the author John Romita Jr.; it is also the 50th birthday of Lady Oscar and the 20th birthday of the CD Project Red videogames company. And again, celebrations will continue for the 70 years of Urania and the 160 years of Salani. Do not miss the 40th birthday celebration of Cristina D’Avena cartoon’s songs career. But the biggest party will be the one for the 100 numbers of One Piece, the most sold series.

ph Alessandro Orlandi

Then, many other initiatives and activities at Lucca comics and games as the project Slow Life Slow Games promoted by the ASL Toscana Nord-Ovest to fight and develop a preventive action against gambling addiction; or the return of the activities at the Carducci pavilion and the big role and board games which had been suspended due to Covid-19.

Even this year, among the others, are confirmed again as main partners and sponsors of the festival Rai, Editoriale Nazionale with its newspapers QN, La Nazione, il Resto del Carlino and il Giorno, and Amazon which, thanks to its Lucca Store, became the reference online store during the whole year and not only during the community event. HERE is all the information you need to buy tickets.

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