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April 20, 2020

The crudités squid, fennel and almonds by Valentino Cassanelli, starred chef of Lux Lucis

Directly from our Versilia, a delicious recipe to bring some sea scent to our homes

Breathtaking views of the Versilia sea on one side and the majestic Apuna Alps on the other, and on the plate all the taste of the hyper creative cuisine of star chef Valentino Casselli.
These are the strong points that have made Lux Lucis, restaurant on the terrace of the Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, one of the most popular restaurants on the Tuscan coast.

For us his raw squid, fennel and almonds. A recipe that smells of the sea, told step by step, to bring its freshness into our homes.

Lux Lucis

Recipe for 4 people
For the raw squid
280 g clean squid
20 g EVO oil
14 ginger
1 lime
Cut the squid into fine julienne and season with lime peel, grated ginger, salt and EVO oil.

For the fennel cream
200 g fennel
20 g EVO oil
1 clove of garlic
10 g lemon juice
Slowly stew the fennel, finely chopped, in a saucepan with the clove of garlic, once cooked remove the garlic and emulsify with a blender adding the oil, salt and lemon, sieve and cool.
Emulsify all the ingredients by adding the oil.
Serve at 45 °C.

For the almond sauce
40 g almonds
20 g water
50 g almond milk
3 g salt
Toast the almonds well and cool them. Blend and emulsify all the ingredients together.
Finishing the dish
Place the fennel cream on the plate and place the squid in two nests, season with the almond sauce. Add a few strips of raw fennel, its green part and finish grating a bitter almond on the plate and a drizzle of delicate EVO oil.

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