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Mine vaganti, Erasmo Genzini, Simona Marchini, Francesco, Pannofino, Iaia Forte, Carmine Recano ph. Romolo Eucalitto
March 18, 2022

Mine Vaganti by Ferzan Ozpetek at the Teatro della Pergola

From March 22 to April 3, 2022, the director will stage the adaptation of one of his award-winning films

Feelings, melancholy, laughter, unchanged from cinema to theater. Ferzan Ozpetek signs his first theater direction by staging the adaptation of one of his award-winning films (numerous David di Donatello, Nastri d'Argento, Globi d'Oro), Mine vaganti.

The show will be staged at the Teatro della Pergola from March 22 to April 3, 2022. Very interesting the cast led by Francesco Pannofino. Among the protagonists also Iaia Forte, Erasmo Genzini, Carmine Recano, Simona Marchini.

Mine vaganti, Francesco Pannofino e Iaia Forte ph. Romolo Eucalitto

At the center of the story is the Cantone family, owner of a pasta factory in a small town in the South, with its deep-rooted upper middle-class cultural traditions and a father eager to bequeath the company to his children. Everything falls apart when the son Antonio declares himself homosexual, beating the second son Tommaso, who has returned from Rome to tell the truth.

A bittersweet tale that leaves intact the essentially intriguing, attractive and at the same time humorous spirit of the film and in which the audience is called upon to interact with the actors, who often act in the stalls as if they were in the town square.

The town square/audience is the beating heart that punctuates the beats of the play. A perspective that is realized with a choral cast and a dramaturgical progression that tastes like a bittersweet fairy tale.

Mine vaganti, Simona Marchini e Francesco Pannofino ph. Romolo Eucalitto

"How do I transport the feelings, the melancholy moments, the laughter on stage? This was the first question I asked myself, and which brought me some anxiety, when the hypothesis of dramatizing Mine Vaganti began to take shape. I had to work by subtraction, leaving that intriguing, attractive, humorous essential. I left out circumstances that I liked a lot, but what the cinema shows, the theater hides, and so I sacrificed scenes and invented others, also to give new life to the production" said Ferzan Ozpetek.

On Monday, March 28, at 8:45 p.m., Mine vaganti leaves the stage for an evening to Ozpetek as an actor, with his one-man show Ferzaneide - Sono ia! It is an opportunity for a new sentimental journey through the story of his memories, suggestions and human figures that have inspired many of his films, such as Mine vaganti.

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