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I Nuovi e la Compagnia del Teatro La Comunità durante le prove di The Dubliners ph. Filippo Manzini
September 15, 2021

Teatro della Pergola: performances till December 2021

The Dubliners, Elio Germano, Stefano Massini and Laura Morante waiting for the full season schedule to be released

La Pergola Theatre reopens! The long-awaited calendar of the entire season is not yet out, but in the meantime we anticipate the four major shows of this important reopening scheduled for October 2021.

  • From 1 to 14 October, the national premiere of Joyce's The Dubliners directed by Giancarlo Sepe with the Compagnia Teatro La Comunità and the Nuovi brought together by a master of genre contamination.  Sepe is the perfect interpreter of theatre as a synthesis of all the arts and becomes for the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, which is producing The Dubliners, the fundamental reference for a new artistic path involving young people and which, in overcoming genres and distinctions, offers them the possibility of exploring the unpredictable and learning to constantly overcome their own limits.

  • From 19 to 24 October we continue with Paradiso XXXIII by and with Elio Germano and Teho Teardo. A popular show without anything being explained. Dante Alighieri, in the 33rd canto of Paradise, finds himself in the awkwardness of the human being who tries to describe the immense, the unspeakable, tries to recount the unaccountable. This gap with respect to the "supreme wonder" is staged by Elio Germano and Teho Teardo on these evenings, creating a unique, almost physical experience for the spectator in the presence of immensity.

  • From 26 to 31 October (rest 28 October) follows Storie by and with Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci at the piano. In his "workshop of live storytelling", with Storie Stefano Massini, accompanied by the compositions of Paolo Jannacci and Daniele Moretto, restores, through the evocative power of words, the many small, great stories, hidden in the folds of our present.

  • From 5 to 7 November Pino Micol will stage Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourceanar directed by Maurizio Scaparro. There is a phrase by Flaubert that perhaps, better than all the others, explains the immortal fascination of this work: "When the gods were no more and Christ not yet, between Cicero and Marcus Aurelius, there was a unique moment in which man existed, alone". Hadrian is more than a man, he is the image, or rather the portrait of what we are today, in his words we find the roots of Western thought and our history.

  • From 9 to 14 November, Laura Morante will be on stage with Io Sarah, Io Tosca in the role of Sarah Bernhardt, the legendary actress to whom Victorien Sardou dedicated the famous drama set to music by Puccini. Reality and fiction end up mingling in a game of mirrors that opens up glimpses of truth in the fascinating legend of this tenacious and vulnerable, indomitable and refined, cynical and generous woman, who was the first world-famous diva.

  • From 11 to 21 November (saloncino Paoli), Elio Germano returns to the Pergola with Così è (o mi pare), a rewriting for virtual reality of Così è (se vi pare) by Luigi Pirandello. The show has been conceived to be realised in virtual reality, a new technological instrument, between cinema and theatre, able to put the spectator at the centre of the scene. Using headphones and visors, the audience is no longer in the theatre, but inside the luxurious flat where the story takes place, more precisely inside the body of one of the characters, who sees and hears everything.

  • From 16 to 21 November (Sala Grande) Tennessee Willimas' La dolce ala della giovinezza (The sweet wing of youth) with Elena Sofia Ricci, scenes, costumes and direction by Pier Luigi Pizzi. Written in 1952 and premiered on Broadway in 1959, the play is about the gigolo Chance Wayne who returns to his hometown in Florida with the declining star Alexandra Del Lago to try to get back what he left behind in his youth, Heavenly, his first love.

  • From 23 to 28 November, for the first time in Italian, The Second Surprise of Love is presented in our country thanks to a project accepted by the Ministry of Culture to encourage knowledge of Marivaux, perhaps the greatest playwright of the 18th century French.

  • On 7 and 8 December (saloncino Paoli), the national premiere of Ugo De Vita's recital Le Poesie di Eduardo (Eduardo's Poems) will be performed with a violinist and a guitarist.

  • From 7 to 12 December (sala Grande) Pinocchio is staged in a transversal reading by Pier Paolo Pacini who, with the actresses and actors of the 'Orazio Costa' Course for Actors, shows between wonder and nightmare that Collodi's fairy tale does not have a happy ending as it seems because the final birth of the child foresees the disappearance, the end, the death of the puppet.

  • From 14 to 19 November, comes Germania anni '30, a show by Giancarlo Sepe, born from a long phase of study conducted by Giancarlo Sepe with the actors of his company, on the culture and turbulent events of Germany in the years following the First World War.


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