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Sileno Cheloni
May 7, 2021

Mother's Day: 10 gift ideas made in Florence

Craftsmen to impress with a professionally made creation

Mom is always mom. Amaze her with handmade creations from great Florentine artisans.

Here are some ideas to make her happy:

Antico Setificio Fiorentino

Antico Setificio Fiorentino
Via Lorenzo Bartolini, 4
ph. +39 055 213861

Ancient looms have been marking time since 1786, since then the Antico Setificio Fiorentino has been making custom fabrics in the heart of San Frediano, which have become a real must-have for furniture, also used for beautiful accessories, such as bags, scarves, original sneakers and elegant slippers for the home. Truly enchanting!

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella
Via della Scala, 16
ph. +39 055 216276

Do you want to give her a perfume that will make her feel like a true queen? Then the answer is the historic Officina Profumo Farmaceutica of Santa Maria Novella. The opening to the public of the pharmacy attached to the Dominican convent dates back to 1612, but it is from 1221 that the friars, just settled in Florence, began to study the properties of the herbs grown in the garden of the convent and to prepare medicines.It is of their herbs and their knowledge that was born the Acqua della Regina, the fragrance that conquered the entire French court when Catherine de' Medici went to Paris to marry Henry II of Valois. Medical remedies are no more, but the ancient fresh and citrusy bouquet, today Acqua di Santa Maria Novella, together with other perfumes, cosmetics, the iconic pot pourri in a silk bag and much more, have become world famous products.

Sileno Cheloni

Sileno Cheloni
Via di S. Niccolò, 72r
ph. +39 055 0944476

Internationally renowned master perfumer - with clients in his portfolio such as Gucci, Harrods, Richard Ginori and IWC - in his OL'Factory in the heart of Florence, Sileno Cheloni creates tailor-made fragrances and unique olfactory experiences, such as the Sensory Dinner and the Incense Ceremony. A perfumer-explorer who uses rare natural raw materials, essences and fragrances to create alchemical symphonies that are completely personal and customizable. A true bespoke experience that involves the totality of the senses.

Angela Caputi

Angela Caputi
Via Santo Spirito, 58r
ph. +39 055 212972
Borgo SS. Apostoli, 44-46r
ph. +39 055 292993

In the heart of the Oltrarno, an artisan workshop founded by a woman for women. Angela Caputi established her company more than 40 years ago; her forte lies in researching exclusively Italian materials. Original, colorful jewellery made from light plastic linked to the world of fashion. At the atelier, in addition to the countless pieces on display, customers can have creations made to measure: items are made on site in their entirety, from design to creation. At the Borgo SS. Apostoli boutique, the brand provides a selection of accessories and clothing that pair perfectly with the designer’s collections, which are also on sale here.

Loretta Caponi

Loretta Caponi
Via degli Antinori, 5r
ph. +39 055 213668

Loretta Caponi opened her workshop and boutique in 1967. Since then, Caponi’s creations have graced the wardrobes of thousands of families, some famous, like the Rockefellers and Kennedys, others simply admirers of excellent quality. The 850 square-metre atelier, today managed by her daughter, Lucia Caponi, and grandson, Guido, is located in a beautiful Florentine palace and is home to more than 10,000 designs of men’s and women’s nightwear - bathrobes in linen, silk, cashmere and velvet for him; nightgowns in silk velvet, dévoré and georgette for her - as well as tablecloths, sponges, bedsheets, pillows, baby clothes and children’s pieces. Caponi also boasts ready-to-wear collections. 


Via Romana, 62r
ph. +39 055 2286482

Creating things by hand is a passion deeply rooted in Giuliana Becattini, a born-and-bred Florentine and fashion designer, who started an atelier in the Oltrarno area in 2011, where she designs unique spare-styled female clothing. Handmade clothing with a contemporary appeal, for a stylish everyday look but, at the same time, owing to the use of fine, 100% natural and made-in-Italy (if not made-in-Florence) fabrics, some of which are even reversible, easily pairable also on special occasions. Each garment is customizable in every way, from details such as the pockets, to the choice of fabric and color. 

wanny of filippo, founder of il bisonte (ph. lucia baldini)

Il Bisonte
Via del Parione, 31-33r
ph. +39 055 215722

Patron of this brand now known throughout the world is Wanny di Filippo, one of the most famous ambassadors of Made in Tuscany. A life dedicated to leather working, on which you could make a film. The bags of Il Bisonte, made with the leather of the historic tanning district of Santa Croce sull'Arno and with the craftsmanship taught by Wanny, are now a true cult object.

Woo Class

Woo Class
Via dell'Orto, 23r
ph. +39 340 4090907 - +39 348 9763476

In 2004, the first pair of Woo Class glasses were made. From then onwards, Lisa Gabellini’s atelier has created frames that perfectly combine stile and comfort while considering the wellbeing of the wearer. Made with at least 11 layers of natural wood, the glasses are light, flexible and durable. The manufacturing process includes meticulously forming the nose bridge by using a traditional steam method, before being followed by more than 83 steps to finish the production process. Both the regular and bespoke lines in the collection are by designer Jochen Andreas Zeh, a master of extracting the full potential of such a rich material like wood.

Moleria Locchi

Moleria Locchi
Via Burchiello, 10
ph. +39 055 2298371

In business since the late 1800s, Moleria Locchi is a guarantee of top-quality on the glassmaking scene. Since always committed to the design and creation of items which meet the needs of the most demanding clientele, Moleria Locchi produces and restores tableware and glass and crystal interior design objects. Each item is made by using age-old glass-blowing techniques and decorated through grinding and engraving processes which are strictly performed by hand. 

Bottega d’Arte Maselli

Bottega d’Arte Maselli
Via Ginori, 51r
ph. +39 055 282142

Passed down from father to son, this little workshop was founded in 1955 on the inspiration of Paolo Maselli and continued by his son, Gabriele, who has in turn been joined today by his elder son. It is a flagship of Florentine excellence in the restoration and customized production of artistic frames. Gabriele Maselli is founder of, and lecturer in, the School of Sacred Art, as well as consultant at the Cathedral Museum of Florence for the gilding workshop. He specializes in gouache gilding in pure gold, silvering and meccatura and he has worked with internationally renowned museums as well as important architecture and interior design studios.      

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