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Teresa Favi

June 2, 2020

Outside restaurants one hour from Florence

Addresses of taste and happiness, where you can eat outdoors, (in many cases) in front of panoramic views

From Florence, just a few kilometres away, you will find yourself surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, beautiful views and of course excellent food. Those who don't want to get lost in the countryside that surrounds Florence, from Chianti to Mugello, raise your hand, thanks to the good season, the Republic Day, and the desire to spend a nice day out of town. Here then is a selection of some of the best restaurants an hour from Florence, where you can eat outdoors - on panoramic terraces, in the square or in the garden - enjoying the relaxation, beauty and authenticity of the Tuscan countryside. Especially in this period, remember to book at least one day in advance.

 At the foot of Fiesole the restaurant Le Lune, in via San Domenico, 36, Fiesole, tel. 055 570222 is a place out of the box, because it is the first agri-restaurant in Florence with vegetable garden, nursery and restaurant. It eats outdoors surrounded by plants and flowers, simple cuisine based on zero kilometer products. Try the eggplant parmigiana, tartare or Chianina hamburger with onion confit, mayonnaise and homemade ketchup. 

 This trattoria, I Ricchi di Cercina, above Sesto Fiorentino, is famous for its 2F: the fried (chicken, rabbit, vegetables and brains) and the fresh, via Docciola 14, tel. 055 402024 or 055402045, if the weather is good let yourself settle on one of the two terraces, you won't regret it.

 In Monteloro di Pontassieve - here too we're not far from Florence, but those 400 metres high are good enough for the summer evening mood - there's Orlando in via di Monteloro 13, Pontassieve, tel. 055 8309056, with a beautiful garden where in summer you can ask to put away a table to enjoy his tortelli alla maremmana and his peposo of incredible goodness. In the centre of Pontassieve, Stefano welcomes you in his restaurant Toscani da sempre, with a beautiful garden inside, in via F.lli Monzecchi, 13/15, Pontassieve, tel. 055 8392952. His simple but skillfully prepared dishes are the result of great research into seasonal and local raw materials and cooking that enhances their natural properties. Not to be missed: pumpkin flower stuffed with soft cheeses and bruschetta sauce, risotto with chickens, garden peas and dop Tuscan ham and fried rabbit, chicken and seasonal vegetables. At the end throw yourself on the cherry crème brulée or Orsigna strawberry tartlet as soon as you arrive.

 Chianti at this time of year is at its best, and spending a day cruising its roads through vineyards and olive groves is unparalleled. 

In Bargino, near San Casciano Val di Pesa, in the famous winery of the Antinori Marquises, whose fame has travelled around the world, Rinuccio 1180 is the restaurant overlooking the vineyards, via Cassia per Siena, 133, Località Bargino, San Casciano Val di Pesa, tel. 055 2359720. Its cuisine is a mix of Tuscan tradition and innovative techniques. Don't miss the crispy pecorino cheese flan with celeriac and porcini mushrooms cream, and rabbit ravioli with roast tomato sauce, bay leaves and Pèppoli reduction. 

On the ancient Chianti road that leads from Florence to the lands of Chianti you will find the restaurant Da Padellina, an institution, with its famous penne sul rooster, roast dwarf (duck) and chicken with vin santo, in Corso del Popolo, 54, Strada In Chianti FI, tel. 055 858388.

The target goes up to the Osteria di Passignano, a beautiful but starred country restaurant, in via Passignano, 33, Badia a Passignano, tel. 055 8071278, where under its enchanting pergola and in the shade of a thousand-year-old abbey you can also go for its renowned specialty: the pigeon. 

Mangiando Mangiando, is an excellent tavern with outdoor tables overlooking the main square of Greve, run by two young people in Piazza Matteotti, 80, tel. 055 8546372. Not to be missed are Bistecca alla fiorentina steak, peposo di Chianina and stracotto di cheek. 

If you want to eat outdoors in the countryside, among the vineyards, try Terreno 5 minutes from Greve, via di Citille 4, Greve in Chianti, tel. 335 1536335, where Sofia Bebban Ruhne, had the vision to create this restaurant on the family estate. It has several tables on the beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the vineyards. 

Also in Greve La Cantinetta di Rignana in Rignana, Greve in Chianti, tel. 055 852601 and 347 4534884, works only outdoors with about twenty tables placed on a panoramic terrace overlooking the vineyards of Chianti Classico: specialty Steak. From Greve to Panzano, you arrive at Dario Cecchini, the king- butcher of Chianti who at his restaurant Solo Ciccia, via XX Luglio, 11, Panzano in Chianti, tel. 055 852020, has recently added a beautiful pergola with 40 seats, a dehor and 3 other tables outside the entrance. At lunchtime in this period Dario also came up with the idea of a Cecchini panini trackor tracche in Tuscan, with a charcoal grill to cook his famous hamburgers. From 12 to 15 is a stopover point for those passing by: you can eat a hamburger on the fly sitting on a bench in the garden or take it away. 

In Panzano you can eat outdoors in another enchanting setting on the terrace covered by a giant wisteria in the restaurant Oltre il giardino, famous for its peposo all'imprunetina in Piazza Bucciarelli Gastone, 42, Panzano in Chianti, tel. 055 852828.

 In Mugello, in Firenzuola, a good address for Fiorentina steak is Bibo along Via Traversa, 454, in Traversa, tel. 055 815231: start with a tasting of hams (from Scarpaccia, Cinta and Joselito) while waiting to choose the cut and fat marbling of your dream steak. The quality of the steaks makes up for the few tables outdoors and on the road. In Scarperia there is the ancient Osteria di Novoli, in via Casenuove Taiuti, 8, Scarperia and San Piero, tel. 055 848 6833 famous for tortelli, but also snacks with sandwiches based on cold cuts and cheese. 

 In the almost opposite direction, towards Vinci, in Lamporecchio try La Dispensa, the restaurant of the Borgo Casorelle farm, in via Casorelle, 11, Lamporecchio, tel. 393 9044793 with many outdoor tables. If you want a breathtaking view, ask to be accommodated on the terrace. You should definitely try the cheeses they produce, as well as barbecued lamb and at the end the pudding.

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