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Carrozzeria Orfeo-Miracoli metropolitani

text Saliana Fetahu

December 3, 2021

Puccini Theatre: the shows of the season 2022

Among the unmissable Oblivion Rhapsody, Panic But Pink, Macbettu and much more

The Puccini Theatre announces the second part of the 2021-2022 season. The title of the theater season Nuovi tempi per altre idee is inspired by Maurizio Nannucci's installation in the foyer of the theater.

Here's the schedule: 


 ·      Friday 21 and Saturday, January 22 at 21.00 is staged Oblivion’s performance Oblivion Rhapsody, that celebrates 10 years of life, with a collage of the most beloved performances and imitated, a patchwork of their famous parodies of the classics of literature, passing through the desecration of pop hits big laughs: a journey back into the repertoire that evokes refined and crazy experimentation, all the best of a decade of creations. 

Alessandro Benvenuti, ph Carlotta Benvenuti

·      Friday 4 and Saturday, February 5 at 21.00 Alessandro Benvenuti returns after a few years of absence from the Puccini’s stage with Panico ma rosa, pièce partially autobiographical of the same Benvenuti, through the pages of his diary traces the days of isolation mandatory author. The latter tells his story for the first time publicly, with disarming sincerity as a person. Trying to find a new meaning of life in order not to go crazy, the comedian reinvents his past as an altar boy, mixes dreams and anecdotes, designs baroque comic languages. Through this comic evasive force, he hopes to become a child again. Benvenuti himself defines the work as Po Ca Co (Poetic, Catastrophic, Comic). 

Carrozzeria Orfeo-Miracoli metropolitani

·      Friday 11 and Saturday, February 12 at 21.00 follows Miracoli Metropolitani of the Carrozzeria Orfeo company. The show, an ironic and fierce glimpse of today's society, catapults us into the kitchen of a restaurant adrift, close to closure, which in order not to fail has decided to recycle itself into a home delivery service specializing in food for food intolerants. 


·      From Thursday 24 to Saturday, February 26 at 21.00 is staged the long-awaited Macbettu, Sardinia Theatre, with Alessandro Serra. It is Shakespeare's Macbeth recited in Sardinian, and as in the purest Elizabethan tradition, interpreted by men only. The idea was born during a photographic reportage among the carnivals of Barbagia. Surprising analogies were found between Shakespeare's masterpiece and the types and masks of Sardinia. An empty stage space, crossed by the bodies of the actors who draw places and evoke presences. 

Marco Paolini

·      Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March at 21.00 Marco Paolini brings on stage SANI! Teatro fra parentesi. Since the end of the 1980s Marco Paolini has collected in a series of theatrical "Albums" a sort of collective autobiography of the country starting from personal data. This show is a new "episode", conceived to collect thoughts and memories, songs and music (written by Saba Anglana and Lorenzo Monguzzi) in random order, trying to sew up past and present to look at the future. In a game of reflexes and starting from his own biography, here is the meeting-clash between Paolini and Carmelo Bene in 1983 and the one between Reagan and Gorbačëv in Iceland in 1986; the reconstruction in Friuli after the earthquake of 1976 and the restart after the pandemic. A way to believe in the theater as a place that unites creating bridges to heal the wounds post-pandemic.

Museo Pasolini - Celestini

·      Thursday, March 21 and Friday, April 1 at 21.00 at the Teatro Puccini back Ascanio Celestini with Pasolini Museum, a tribute to the great Friulian writer and director which the centenary of his birth falls in 2022. 

Familie Floez-FESTE

·      From Friday 8 to Sunday 10 April at 21.00 Familie Flöz arrives with Feste, a fairy tale for adults without words. A tragicomic story about the pursuit of individual happiness - but behind that there’s more...

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