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Uffizi Gallery (ph. Dario Garofalo)

text Martina Olivieri
photo cover: Dario Garofalo

January 24, 2022

Remembrance Day 2022 in Florence

All the most important initiatives on the occasion of January 27th that remembers the victims of the Holocaust

If knowing the past is always an essential value for every nation and for every society, this value becomes even more significant in the case of the Holocaust Memorial Day which remembers the victims of the Holocaust. In particular, January 27th, 1945 remembers when the Soviet army in Poland discovered the concentration camp of Auschwitz bringing to light the shocking program of extermination of the Nazi lager. Florence, despite this complicated moment of health emergency, has organized a rich calendar of initiatives to commemorate this very important day.

The Uffizi Galleries acquire an important portrait of the German Jewish painter Rudolf Levy, deported from Florence to Auschwitz. It is called Fiamma, it was chosen as the cover image of the book Gli ebrei nell'Italia fascista (The Jews in Fascist Italy) by Michele Sarfatti, and from tomorrow it will be on display at Palazzo Pitti at the entrance to the Palatine Gallery, in the Corridor of the Statues.

Rudolf Levy, Fiamma

Biblioteca Dino Pieraccioni
The films of memory, a journey through the images of some frames of the most significant films for adults, children and young people that have told the horror of the programmed extermination of entire peoples. The installation will be on display at the library from Monday, January 24 to February 5 and will be accompanied by a dedicated filmography.

Monday, January 24 at 14.30
The City Council will be largely dedicated to the commemoration of the Day of Remembrance, with a speech by Professor Claudio Vercelli, professor of Jewish history at the Catholic University of Milan. A debate will follow.

Wednesday, January 26, 17.30 at Biblioteca delle Oblate
Presentation of the book by Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi Gli specialisti dell'odio (La Giuntina, 2021). Introduced by Marta Baiardi. The meeting is part of the XXVII edition of the literary review curated by Anna Benedetti. The book reconstructs the practice of persecution and the dynamics of collaboration that the German occupation forces established with the fascist apparatus. Participation is free of charge upon reservation by contacting the library at 0552616523 or by writing to

Thursday January 27 at 9,00
Laying of wreaths at the monuments and headstones in the various locations that commemorate the fallen deported to the death camps.

Thursday 27 January at 16 and 17,30
Guided tours in the spaces of the former Murate prison, inside which there are still the original signs, drawings and writings left by the political prisoners who in the fascist era worked in the ranks of the Resistance.

Thursday, January 27th an online initiative of Quartiere 5
Neighborhood 5 presents the play Destinatario sconosciuto by Dietro le Quinte Teatro, with a theatrical adaptation by Tommaso Capecchi. The play will be viewable on Thursday, January 27, from 10 a.m. onward for the entire day on Neighborhood 5's YouTube channel.

Thursday, January 27, 5:30 p.m.
Voices of Memory. In order not to forget

Read aloud by the Association La Voce delle Parole. Reading of excerpts from Primo Levi, If This is a Man Fulvia Alidori, A Hundred Blows and the Peeling, Etty Hillesum, Diary 1941 - 1943, Giacomo Debenedetti, October 6, 1943", Daniela Padoan, Like a Frog in Winter, Giuliana Tedeschi, This Poor Body, Elie Wiesel, The Night

Thursday, January 27, 17 hours
From diversity to racism

On the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day, the Library offers readings and projections of images, for the whole family (adults, children and teenagers), on the themes of diversity in gender, thought, religion, physical appearance, social and economic conditions; at the end of the event, a film by Radu Mihaileanu will be shown. Participation is free by reservation by calling 055432506 or writing to

Giovedì 27 gennaio, ore 17.30 alla BiblioteCaNova Isolotto
A great sea to cross. From the diary of Anne Frank to the shores of the Mediterranean
. Who are the Anne Frank women of our days? A journey between past and present, starting from a re-reading of Anne Frank's diary to arrive at the current pages of migrants.

From January 10, 2022 access to the Libraries is allowed only to users with a GREEN PASS and an ID, to users under twelve years of age and to those exempt from the vaccination campaign. FFP2 masks must be worn for participation in events in the Libraries. 


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