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Stefano Accorsi

text Martina Olivieri
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September 29, 2021

Stefano Accorsi tells the incredible story of the Pergola Theatre

Thursday, September 30 on Sky Arte a wonderful journey to discover one of the oldest theaters in Italy

The Teatro della Pergola, a historic theater in the center of Florence founded in the mid-1600s, inspired by the name of the pergola that stood nearby, becomes the protagonist of La Pergola - Confessions of a theater, the documentary aired on Sky Arte (channels 400 and 120) and streaming on NOW on September 30 at 21.15.

Leading this memorable journey through time is the actor Stefano Accorsi who, reading the words taken from the play "Storia del teatro della Pergola" by Filippo Gentili, recounts the evolution of the theater from its foundation to the present day, and sings of the exploits of the theater's founders, a group of noblemen, lovers of this art, called the Immobili.

The words come to life thanks to the commentary of archive images, illustrations and a group of actors from l'Oltrarno, the training school of the profession of Actor directed by Pierfrancesco Favino, who stage what he tells. From interpreting characters who have passed from the Pergola stage such as the Duse and Gordon Graig, to simply impersonating the audience of the theater, the ballroom and the gaming room, as well as staging splendid choreography directed by Anna Redi.

The film, directed by Giorgio Testi for Pulse and co-produced by Sky Arte and Fondazione Teatro della Toscana, is punctuated and accompanied by the musical commentary, which mixes classical pieces and chamber music with the rhythms and melodies composed for the occasion by violin virtuoso Rodrigo D'Erasmo. A soundtrack created ad hoc, which also sees the participation of Manuel Agnelli, to honor the theater and the stage, where so many great artists have passed contributing to the creation of Italian cultural heritage.

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