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Vigneti Toscana
May 9, 2022

Terraelectae, the Chianti Rufina cru is born

Discovering high-end wines from one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas in the world

This is an initiative that goes back a long way and brings together technique, craftsmanship, passion and a strong focus on the vineyard. Wine in Italy is in fact an expression of history and culture. 

The new labels are part of the new Terraelectae project, a "collective" vineyard that brings together some of the best wineries in the Chianti Rufina area. The aim is to strive for excellence and selection: each producer taking part in the project identifies among his own vineyards, the vineyard with a capital V, the piece of land where Sangiovese expresses its qualities at its best. From those grapes only Chianti Rufina Riserva will be made, that is, the finest type of the denomination, and that Cru will be marked Terraelectae. So Chianti Rufina Riserva Terraelectae.

Colline toscane

Terraelectae is a mark of origin with a strong identity, but also a seal of guarantee that demonstrates all the potential of the Apennine territory of Rufina, which has always been an expression of elegant wines suitable for long ageing. Chianti Rufina is, in fact, a very special area, situated between the Arno Valley and Mugello, crossed by the Sieve river, but above all characterised by the presence of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, the true Genius Loci of these lands.

To date, 13 of the 20 producers in the Chianti Rufina consortium have joined the collective brand. The first vintage to be marketed under the Terraelectae label is the 2018, produced by nine estates (Castello del Trebbio, Colognole, Fattoria Lavacchio, Frascole, Grignano, I Veroni, Marchesi Frescobaldi, Marchesi Gondi, Villa Travignoli) for a total of about 40 thousand bottles. From next year, with the addition of the production of another four estates (Podere Il Pozzo, Fattoria Lago, Selvapiana and Tenuta Il Monte), the number of bottles will rise to 50-55 thousand. Here are the details of the 9 bottles presented in Milan in the refectory of the Museum of Science and Technology.

Vigna Casanova 2018

Vigna Colonneto 2018

Lastricato 2018

Vigna Montesodi Terraelectae 2018

Poggio Diamante 2018

Vigneto Poggio Gualtieri 2018

Vigna Le Rogaie 2018

Vigna alla stele 2018

Quona 2018

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