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November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day in Florence

Thursday November 27 celebrates with typical american food tradition!

The Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday celebrated in the United States every fourth Thursday of November and Canada every second Monday of October. On the first day of Thanksgiving is commonly traced back to 1621 , when the city of Plymouth , Massachusetts, the Pilgrims came together to thank the Lord for the good harvest. In 1863 , in the midst of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the celebration of Thanksgiving Day, and from that moment became an annual celebration and gradually lost its Christian content . Today it is one of the most important holidays for North Americans .

In Florence, you will find several places that offer the greatest American culinary experience to get you the maximum in the atmosphere of the party. The Hard Rock Café , the Clubhouse and The Diner offer three-course dinners , including turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce as usual. Between the pumpkin pie , the famous sweet pumpkin , and pecan pie , your sweet tooth will be satisfied in full. Take a look to other American restaurants for the special "Thanksgiving " American Salad co. and Mamas Bakery and have a menu to take away or can be delivered directly to the sumptuous food to your door, so you need not stand in the kitchen all day . The prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Borgo Pinti , is famous for its annual Thanksgiving dinner . Prepare your taste buds !


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