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Sofia Doni

April 23, 2021

The best places to have breakfast outside the center of Florence

How to start the day on the right foot: here's a list of the best places to have breakfast outside the center of Florence

Pastry shop Gualtieri
Via Senese, 18/red
055 221771

To start the day there is nothing better than eating something tasty! This is undoubtedly a rule that applies to everyone, even for vegans and celiacs! Precisely for this reason, Gualtieri pastry shop meets the needs of all, preparing special counters able to satisfy all customers.
Undoubtedly delicious are sfogliatelle with ricotta cheese and cream, "diti d'apostolo" (small cannoli made of puff pastry enriched with cream), ricotta cheese and pine nuts cakes, tarts and doughnuts. Moreover, much loved by customers are the rice puddings, whose particular shape is given by the molds of great-grandfather Alfredo (they are always the same for about 70 years!).
As we have already said, the other two lines produced are not to be missed. Starting from the "Veg" one, the pastry shop offers: maritozzi with cream (obviously without milk), jam tarts, brioches, rice puddings, apple strudel, rice pastry, doughnuts and.... much more! Taking into consideration the "Gluten free" line, you can find: brioches, rice puddings, puff pastries (with cream, apple or jam), cream and almond cakes... and the list is still very long!
To accompany all this, you can choose from a wide range of coffee types (espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, ...), but absolutely to try are the 3 types of vegetable drinks they offer (oat, almond and soy). For those who are lactose intolerant, we recommend a cappuccino with lactose-free milk.

Pastry shop Querci

Piazza Giampietro Vieusseux, 2
055 490513

If you love croissants, you must absolutely try those of Pastry Querci. In fact, the filling inside is made by them with natural products and is totally free of preservatives ... a real treat that their regular customers can not do without! Definitely worth tasting are also their chocolate and pear pastries, which we suggest to accompany with a delicious cappuccino.
Undoubtedly it is worthy of recognition the fact that this pastry shop is committed to the realization of seasonal products. In this way their customers every day have the opportunity to choose genuine and different products. Absolutely to try!

Massimo's sweets
Piazza Gualfredotto da Milano, 14/r
055 658 1578

With I dolci di Massimo the art of pastry making has been handed down from father to son since 1960. Their most popular products for breakfast are undoubtedly cremini, brioches and cream puffs. For those with a sweet tooth, we recommend their soft cream doughnuts.
Moreover, there is no lack of pappataci and also pastries with cream and chocolate.
For savory lovers, order a schiacciata or a panino, because they are made in a totally artisanal way and are stuffed in many different ways.
Without a doubt, their cappuccino is one of the best in the area!

Pastry shop Giorgio
Via Duccio di Buoninsegna, 36
055 710849

Password? Salty! In fact, without any doubt what goes for the most from the pastry Giorgio is the wide range of rustic schiacciate made by their trusted baker! However, you don't have to miss his sweet pieces either. In fact, the counter every day offers a wide selection of sugary delicacies and among them we mention: rice puddings, cream puff pastry, cakes with ricotta cheese, apple and semolina. Very good are also the croissants that are exposed with many different fillings such as pistachio, chocolate and jam. For those with a sweet tooth we recommend ordering a cremino... absolutely delicious! As for drinks, their very wide offer of fruit juices is worth experiencing (the pomegranate one is very good). In addition, their carefully selected blend of coffee makes for an unforgettable cappuccino. Try it to believe!


Avenue Europe, 169
055 6531510

Before starting the day, the comfortable environment of Pasticceria Marcello is the ideal place to eat the first meal of the day. In fact, (as far as breakfast is concerned) it is one of the historical names of Florentine pastry.
Absolutely not to be missed are the brioches, which have a flaky and crispy texture, a measured cream taste and unobtrusive aromas! In addition to this delight, much praised by customers, the counter is full of many other pastries that meet the needs of all customers. In fact, there are cream pastries, fruit pastries, bomboloni filled with chocolate, nutella or jam... and much more! To accompany everything, you have to order their cappuccino. In fact, the expert hands of the bartenders, combined with the selected blends and the low price make it (without a doubt) excellent.


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