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December 13, 2023

The best fishmongers in Florence

Where to buy quality fish in the city

Christmas Eve is known to be synonymous with great fish dinners. But where to go to buy the best in town to cook delicious, quality dishes? Here are our suggestions!

Piazza del Mercato Centrale
ph. +39 055 213774

A historic fishmonger's shop with a varied selection direct to the fish market in Viareggio, twice a week: daily contacts with suppliers in Viareggio guarantee the display of fresh, top-quality fish every day.

Pescheria Barabino

Fabio Gallerini
Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti
ph. + 39 055 2341113

Products for all tastes and pockets: the variety of fresh fish, sometimes already prepared, is great. To guarantee fresh fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea on the counter, they go in person to the fish markets in Livorno and Viareggio three to four times a week. Sea bass, gilthead bream, moscardini, scorpion fish, gurnards, skipjack tuna, sanpietri, pink or red shrimps, and last but not least, scampi. Oily fish: from the Tuscan Sea from April to October, or from the Adriatic Sea in winter, from where clams also come.

Pescheria Gallerini

Pescheria Montini Massimo
Borgo Ognissanti, 101r
ph. + 39 055 215775

Taken over in the 1980s by Massimo Montini (third generation of fishmongers), this is perhaps the oldest fish market in Florence and the fish is fresh every day. Preference is given to the Tyrrhenian from which come the tellinas at the end of winter, octopuses, cicadas and mullet in February, moscardini in June, anchovies and mackerel in spring. In October, tuna, swordfish and amberjack arrive from the Mediterranean. From Brittany, live crabs and oysters, Scottish salmon and Norwegian wet cod complete the offer. Excellent recipes for preparing them are provided.

Pescheria Montini Massimo

Pescheria Tirrena
Via dei Cerchi, 20r
ph. + 39 055 216602

A small fishmonger's shop of just 25 square metres located at the foot of the 13th-century Torre dei Cerchi. Here, too, there is no lack of fresh fish selected daily at the Mercafir in Novoli. Mostly local fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea: hake, prawns, mullet and blue fish. Try the paranza for frying, the moscardini for a special risotto, and fish perfect for a soup such as sanpietri, scorpion fish, gurnards, and white fish such as sea bass, gilthead bream and sea bass.

Pescheria Tirrena

Pescheria Sugarello
Mercato Centrale, Via dell’Ariento
+39 347 4870990

A fishmonger's, but also a fryer and grill shop. They sell good fresh fish, but also tasty fried fish (squid, shrimps and cuttlefish) or grilled fish (tuna, swordfish, squid and cuttlefish), and in the blink of an eye you find yourself with a hearty lunch on your hands, hot and steaming, fried or freshly grilled.

Pescheria Sugarello

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