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Gelateria Badiani
March 25, 2024

The best ice cream parlours in Florence

Where to go for a good homemade ice cream in the city? Let's find out together!

Legend has it that ice cream originated in Florence in the 16th century, from the architect Bernardo Buontalenti who wanted to impress the guests of Cosimo I de' Medici. The tradition of ice cream is an important one that is still deeply rooted in the city. There are many ice-cream parlours, both historical and more recent, offering delicious and delicious flavours. Let's discover together the best ones for the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients, but also for the originality and variety of the flavours.

Not sure which flavour to choose? We'll suggest it to you!

Via Isola delle Stinche, 7r
ph. +39 055 292334

The oldest ice-cream shop in Florence: Serafino Vivoli created this milk bar in 1929, and it immediately became a meeting point for a coffee together. Some years later he and his brother started to produce ice-cream: the natural ice was brought from Saltino, above Vallombrosa, where it was made and stored in ice-chests, to the town during the night. The family still works there with passion in the ice-cream shop, which has, nowadays, also an artisan manufacturing laboratory for pastry products.


Viale dei Mille, 20r
ph. +39 055 578682

In 1979 the Florentine shopkeepers organized a competition in remembrance of the famous architect Bernardo Buontalenti. The Badiani ice-cream shop took part in it and won the competition with an ice-cream flavour called Buontalenti, which was made with vanilla and cream. This is the history of the creation of one among the most famous flavours in the Florentine ice-cream tradition. We suggest you also try in the Badiani ice-cream shop the cremino or the chili chocolate flavour, the “bicchierini dopo-cena” (after-dinner desserts in small glasses), the zuccotto (filled sponge cake) and the little ice-cream pastries.


Gelateria della Passera
Via Toscanella, 15r
ph. +39 055 6142071

Cinzia Otri opened her ice cream shop in 2010, and since then she has never stopped surprising and delighting her customers with artful ice creams. The choice of flavor combinations, careful selection of raw materials and meticulous research of the most effective processing techniques make her ice creams a true taste experience. The Ph1lo flavor is a proud representative of this philosophy: simple ingredients and absolute goodness that, as Cinzia says, you can't help but like... made with cream in mascarpone base, a sauce of ristretto coffee, bitter chocolate and pine nuts in variegation. This year's reopening after the winter break brings with it big changes: the creation of a 45-square-meter production lab with anti-waste technologies, and the expansion of both the space and the number of featured flavors, which remain 20 but whose quantity doubles (from 20 to 40 carapines). As proof of Cinzia's great attention to territorial production, moreover, almost half of the raw materials from which the flavors are made come from specific locations or companies made in Tuscany.

Gelateria della Passera (ph. Luca Managlia)

Gelateria de’ Medici
Via dello Statuto, 3
ph. +39 055 475156

This treasure chest of delicious gelatos grew out of the Teglia family’s passion.  At the Gelateria de Medici, which opened its doors in 1997, the quality of the ingredients is held in the highest regard with the aim of creating a gelato that is unforgettable. The fruit flavours are made using seasonal fruit and adding only water; in the summer don’t miss the fresh basil gelato and various sorbets, a real delight. Other flavours of note are the “Nocciola Gentile” (hazelnut), “la Crema de Medici” (cream), and “Cioccolato al Gelsomino” (jasmin flavoured chocolate), which draws on a recipe of Francesco Redi from the 18th century.

Gelateria de’ Medici

Gelateria dei Neri
Via dei Neri, 2/11r
h. +39 055 210034

A continuous search for new and genuine products, artisanal production in the name of tradition and a great variety of flavours on offer, these are the strong points of this famous ice-cream parlour a stone's throw from Piazza Santa Croce. Among the specialities of the Gelateria dei Neri are truly original flavours, such as Gorgonzola and Walnuts, or Mexican Chocolate, made with pistachio and chilli, or Ricotta and Figs. Try it to believe.

Gelateria dei Neri

Cantina del Gelato
Via dei Bardi, 31 - ph. +39 055 0501617
Borgo La Croce, 30r - ph. +39 055 5320334

It is a recently opened ice cream parlour that has brought an air of novelty to the city, not only for its excellent ice creams, varied, tasty and handmade, but also for its fresh juices prepared with exotic fruits imported from Brazil such as acerola, goiaba, cajù and maracuia. Another innovative proposal from this ice-cream parlour is the Açai Na Tigela, also from Brazil, is a smoothie of açai, banana and guarana syrup, a real bomb of goodness and energy! La Cantina del Gelato does delivery service on Just Eat and Deliveroo.

Cantina del Gelato

Il Procopio
Via Pietrapiana, 60r
ph. +39 055 2346014

High quality ingredients and very peculiar flavors are the characteristics of this ice-cream shop of a wholly hand-made production. Something you are not to miss: citrus fruits flavored almond and pistach flavor, Follia (folly) flavor -vanilla ice-cream with figues caramelized in honey and lemon skin and coarse grain almonds and walnuts, Sacher or chantilly cream with cinnamon flavored apples. Not to mention the classic chocolate flavor, realized with three different kinds of chocolate. Or the wide  assortment of semifreddi (partially frozen cakes), crepes, Granite (Italian ice), ice lollies with fresh fruit that are perfect in Summer. They deliver on Glovo.

Il Procopio

Via Ricasoli, 60r
ph. +39 055 289476

Coming from a long line of gelato makers from Messina, Sicily, Antonio Lisciandro was the family’s youngest exponent. In 1980 he took his love and came to Florence to open Carabè, a temple to Sicilian gelato, whose motto is “quality without compromise”. A must try is the flavour named “Spirito Siciliano” (Sicilian Spirit), made with mandarines and Sicilian lemons and his fragrant and flavoured cream-based gelatos, some even using jasmine flowers! Lastly, don’t leave without experiencing the “granite” (ice-slushes) and the sherbets (“cremolata”), all products are 100% natural.


Sbrino – Gelatificio Contadino
Via dei Serragli, 32r
Via Senese, 1r
Piazza Taddeo Gaddi, 3r
ph +39 055 0122286

As many as 18 creams and 8 sorbets, the classic granitas and the special Aperisbrino ones in Negroni, Caipiroska, Mojito and vodka flavours. Sbrino satisfies everyone's wishes and needs. Many flavours are vegan and others gluten free. The products are all carefully selected, fresh and quality. It has a delivery service with Uber Eats.


Gelateria La Carraia in Santa Croce
Via dei Benci, 24r
ph. +39 055 241284

Famous and renowned since its location was still the original one, opposite the Ponte alla Carraia, from which it takes its name, Gelateria La Carraia in Santa Croce is a guarantee for those looking for variety in flavour, craftsmanship and quality. A suggestion? Choose the Luna di Miele, with honey, caramel praline, white chocolate and cream, or the mouth-watering Delizia la Carraia, with white chocolate and pistachio variegate. Delivery service with Deliveroo.

Gelateria La Carraia in Santa Croce

Gelateria Ciolli
Via Bernardino Ramazzini, 35r
ph. +39 055 677554

A landmark in the panorama of ice cream parlors in Florence. Tradition reigns here, not only in the original furnishings from the 1930s, but also in the ice cream flavors, such as Panna gelato (an invention of theirs) and Nougat. In addition to these flavors, there are offerings for all palates, but always with seasonal products, only fresh fruit is used.

Gelateria Ciolli

Via del Campanile, 2 - ph. +39 055 216158
Sottopassaggio della stazione - ph. +39 335 5718215

Raw materials of an exceptional quality and cutting edge technique define the Grom Gelateria in Florence. Of special note is the “Crema di Grom”, with hand-made biscuits and chocolate pieces. But also try “il Torroncino” (nougat), “il Caramello al sale rosa dell’Himalaya” (caramel with pink Himalayan salt), “la Nocciola delle Langhe” (hazelnut), pistachio and the fruit “flavours of the month”. Almost all of the flavours can be enjoyed by Celiacs, and many of the products are made without milk.


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