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Ristorante capo nord
July 29, 2021

The best restaurants on the island of Elba

Where to sample the island's tastiest delicacies

Molo G-Osteria Portuale
cantieri navali Esaom, via G. Cacciò, Portoferraio
Tel. 0565 915024

An old seafood tavern located in front of the washing basin of the shipyard; in summer you can eat on the pier. The cuisine is pure Elban cuisine and simple: grilled octopus with potatoes and olives, mussel soup and penne in boat with clams, egg yolk and parsley; interesting is the goat's milk ice cream, produced by a local farmer. The cellar is 90% Elban.

Molo G-Osteria Portuale

La taverna dei poeti
Capoliveri in Via Roma, 14
Tel. 0565968306 – Cell. 3476633395

First slow food garrison in Elba. Paolo Paolini, the owner of the restaurant, took over the local Taverna dei Poeti founded in 1909 by Elisabetta Cardenti, Bettina per tutti, who opened it under the simple name of "Trattoria", and it was the first restaurant in Capoliveri. The Taverna dei Poeti has forty seats in all, a very well-kept back room and intimate dining room and in summer two tables for two outside in Via Roma which, from the main square of Capoliveri, leads to the church and a breathtaking viewpoint over the sea where you can enjoy the stunning sunsets. The protagonist is a tasty cuisine in the wake of tradition, with simple cooking and the use of the freshest raw materials and fish: tuna in a cuttlefish black crust in a veal sauce with roast potatoes, caught during the day in the livornese style.

La taverna dei poeti

Capo Nord
Loc. La Fenicia, Marciana Marina LI
Tel. + 39 0565 996983

The Capo Nord restaurant in Marciana Marina, on the splendid island of Elba, is one of the polar stars of Elba's restaurants: tables overlooking the sea on the beautiful Fenicia beach, wooden furnishings, quality raw materials and a spasmodic search for a balance between tradition, innovation, territory and passion.  Between the lines of the menu, in the midst of elaborate and innovative first courses, there is Spaghetto with octopus ragout in the manner of Mamma Fillide, a recipe invented by the owner's mother Attilio (until recently she prepared it herself for the restaurant's customers) that outlines a great emotional bond, which starts with the Adriani family, goes from love for Elba to the heart of the people who come to eat at the Capo Nord restaurant.

Ristorante Capo Nord

Ristorante Calanova - Tenuta delle Ripalte
Loc. Ripe 57031 Capoliveri
Tel. +39 0565/94211

An enchanting place by the sea, where the aromas and colors of nature create a dream location, a pier that makes it accessible from the sea, this and much more is Ristorante Calanova. Here you can have lunch and dinner outdoors, in the shade of centuries-old cork trees, enjoying the festive cuisine of Simona and Cristophe, prepared with the best fish recipes and typical Tuscan dishes, always accompanied by the excellent wines of our production. During the day there is also an exclusive bar service for guests on the beach in front of the hotel.

Ristorante Calanova - Tenuta delle Ripalte

Osteria dei Quattro Gatti
Market Square 4, Porto Azzurro
+39 320 601 1747

In a fine and elegant environment, with attention to detail, a small treasure chest dedicated to the flavors of the sea. The menu is rich, varied, never banal. A very pleasant culinary surprise in the heart of Porto Azzurro.

Conte Domingo Restaurant
Lover's Bay, Capoliveri
Tel. 0565.968934 - 348.4314490

The Conte Domingo restaurant, which owes its name to the Spanish nobleman protagonist of the legend of the lover, overlooks the beautiful bay. The Conte Domingo is a typical restaurant, with tables under a pergola of vines. When the sun goes down, the atmosphere becomes magical, the colours and scents combine with the special taste of our dishes mainly based on fresh fish.  Let yourself be guided by Fausto's experience and friendliness in choosing the menu that in a romantic setting will make your dinner special. 


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