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Frittelle Gilli
February 8, 2022

The historical recipe of frittelle di San Giuseppe by Caffè Gilli

A name that everyone in Florence knows for its gluttony and a "secret" recipe to remake at home!

More than 250 years of history for this "salotto buono" which, since 1733, has been able to hand down style and pastry tradition. A place where lights and furnishings bring us back to ancient atmospheres. Once a meeting place for artists and men of letters, Caffè Gilli represents an important city reference point for sweetness and quality.

lo storico caffè gilli

And during Carnival the best pastry shops of Florence become the ideal destination for lovers of delicacies to which it is difficult to resist, such as the classic rice fritters, or "san giuseppe", soft rice pralines covered with sugar, with a very light frying.

ricetta frittella carnevale

But let's see the Florentine recipe signed Gilli!

Ingredients for about 25 fritters

water 50gr 

butter 30gr 

salt 1gr 

sugar 1gr 

flour 0 40gr 

eggs 57gr 

cooked rice 450gr 

Dark rum 4gr 

Ingredients for cooked rice 

water 180gr 

fresh milk 180gr 

sugar 60gr 

salt 2gr 

QB orange zest 

QB lemon peel 

rice 120gr 

butter 30gr 

Procedure for cooking rice

We start by bringing water, milk, sugar, salt, butter and zest to a boil. Once brought to a boil, lower the heat and throw in the rice, continuing to cook it over low heat until it dries out completely. 

Once cooked, let it cool, putting it in another container covered with plastic wrap. 

Procedure for the dough of Pancakes: 

First we need to make a Puff. Then we will boil the water with the butter, sugar and salt. Once brought to a boil, we lower the flame and add the sifted flour. 

We turn the mixture with a ladle until it dries, after which we put it in the planetary mixer with the lisca on medium speed. Gradually add the eggs until the mixture is smooth. 

Finally, we add the rice, previously cooked, along with the rum and make everything turn together, until all the ingredients are mixed together. 

frittelle di San Giuseppe


We prepare the seed oil in a pan and heat it up to a temperature of about 180°-200° degrees. 

Meanwhile, we prepare the pancakes with the help of two spoons or a sac a poche, going to form the balls. 

Once the oil has come to temperature, we put the fritters a little at a time, letting them fry for about 4-5 minutes, until they reach the desired browning. 

Once fried, we let them cool on paper towels, then we turn them in granulated sugar. 

Et voila! Happy Carnival to all!


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