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dolci carnevale firenze
January 23, 2024

Cenci and Frittelle di Carnevale: where to find the best ones in Florence

Between pastry shops and top bakeries, sweet places that are impossible to resist

Carnival means sweets! Frittelle, cenci, schiacciata alla fiorentina (discover our selection with the schiacciate alla fiorentina to taste in Florence) ... A riot of goodness that put our Tuscany in pole position.

Here are the addresses of the best bakeries and pastry shops in town where you can find cenci (and frittelle!).

frittelle di San Giuseppe

Galleria Iginio Massari Firenze
Via de' Vecchietti, 3
ph. +39 055 8025253

A newcomer to the city, Galleria Iginio Massari never misses a chance to churn out all the carnival goodies during this period: Frittelle, Zeppoline and Chiacchiere di Carnevale. Frittelle are available both in classic version and filled with apple and rice, rice and raisins, zabaglione, custard, or ricotta cheese with chocolate drops. You just have to taste them all!

Galleria Iginio Massari Firenze

Pasticceria Minni
Via Antonio Giacomini, 16
ph. +39 055 578836

Large, very puffy and light, the pancakes of Pastry Minni are a concentrate of goodness, even more in the cream version.

pasticceria minni

Pasticceria Buscioni
Via delle Cento Stelle, 1r
ph. +39 055 602765

Traditional, with orange flavoring and that little drop of rum that completes the whole thing perfectly. Fried without being greasy and then rolled in granulated sugar. Perfect.

Pasticceria Buscioni

Pasticceria Gualtieri
Via Senese 18r
ph. +39 055 221771

In the Porta Romana area, it is a special pastry shop: it has been producing traditional fresh pastries since 1933, including the typical Carnival sweets, including rice fritters, both in the traditional version and in the vegan and gluten free one.

Pasticceria Gualtieri

Caffè Gilli
Via Roma 1/r
ph. +39 055 213896

In the oldest heart of Florence, we enter one of the most famous temples of Florentine pastry. Sweet symbol of Carnival, born in Venice in the thirteenth century, the frittelle are soft pearls filled with rice and cream, covered with sugar and fried. Also available enriched with raisins.

Le frittelle di Gilli ph. Michele Tamasco

I dolci di Massimo
Piazza Gualfredotto 14/r
ph. + 39 055 6581578

Delicious rice pancakes, with a cream has the merit of being delicate, as well as chocolate, to try absolutely.

I dolci di Massimo

Caffè Villani
Piazza Antonelli, 13r

Small and irregular, rolled in granulated sugar, the fritters here have a homemade air, they are consistent, without fillings, simple and delicious in their essentiality. The cenci, on the other hand, baked in the oven, are crispy and zuccheorsi. What are you waiting for to taste them?

Pasticceria Villani firenze

Piazza San Marco, 9/b - ph. +39 055 280981
Via San Gallo 62/r - ph. +39 055 475975
Via G.Orsini 63-65 - ph. +39 055 689763
Via Anton Francesco Doni 10 - ph. +39 055 364179
Viale Edmondo de Amicis 49 - ph. +39 055 669666
Piazza Cesare Beccaria, 16r - ph. 055 9364750

Very light and crispy. Pugi's chickpeas are made with quality ingredients and fried in good oil. The fritters the same.


Chicco di grano
Inside Mercato di Sant’Ambrogio
ph. + 39 055 240616

Inside the historic Mercato di S.Ambrogio, this stall is also a fry shop and during Carnival, in addition to the delicious coccoli, it continuously churns out cenci and frittelle.

chicco di grano

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