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September 10, 2021

Schiacciata con l'uva. 10 places where to find the best in Florence

The places not to miss to taste the most delicious dessert in Florence during the grape harvest

It's not autumn in Florence if you don't have a snack with the schiacciata with grapes. It's a very special dessert prepared by the bakeries and also by some Florentine pastry shops between September and October during the grape harvest. The taste, however, is surprising. Just think of the ingredients: bread dough, olive oil, sugar and black wine grapes.
Tradition has it that the so-called schiacciata grape is used, the one suitable for winemaking, with small and firm berries. In Florence it is almost obligatory to use Sangiovese (the grape of Chianti, Chianti Classico to be precise) given its diffusion, but also Canaiolo is fine when found. To be discarded only the black grapes with large berries. And a few years ago, the fashion arrived for the "schiacciata" with seedless grapes, which has slightly more pinkish grains and without viaccioli, and is more appealing to younger palates.

Here are the top 10 addresses, at a stroke:

Antico Forno Giglio
Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 151r
ph. 055 244402
This small bakery has been baking bread, pizza and focaccia for almost eighty years. A local institution. In addition to bread and a good schiacciata with grapes, the Antico Forno Giglio is also famous for the Catalana, a rustic schiacciata, kneaded and stretched by hand, cooked directly on the stone of the oven.

Antico Forno Giglio

Antico Forno Guasti
Via del Ponte Alle Riffe, 15r
ph. 055 583923
Historic bakery outside the city center, owned by the same family for more than thirty years churns out one of the best schiacciate all'olio of Florence, along with pizza by the slice and bread, from different types and flours, up to the typical Florentine biscuits and a special schiacciata with grapes.

Antico Forno Guasti

Via della Mattonaia, 3A
ph. 055 247 9271
We are in the gastronomic kingdom of the Florentine chef Fabio Picchi, the address and the name guarantee the quality and fragrance of his schiacciata with grapes. Moreover, the C.Bio is a large shop-market located in Sant'Ambrogio where you can shop with raw materials that are good for the spirit and the body, and involves companies of our territory in full compliance with a fundamental principle: sustainability.


Forno Luigi Palatresi
Borgo Ognissanti, 102r
ph. 055 294969
Since 1957 a reference of the neighborhood. Stop for the schiacciata with grapes without hesitation, but also for a soft Genoese or for the delicious bread of ramerino, one of the best in the city. Excellent also the proposal of small pastries, with a wide range of typical desserts related to the various holidays.

Forno Palatresi

Forno Pugi
Piazza San Marco, 9/b - Viale Edmondo de Amicis, 49 - Via Anton Francesco Doni, 10 - Via S. Gallo, 62/r
ph. 055 280981
The largest Florentine reality in the field of bread. Since 1925 Pugi is a guarantee of excellence, with its products always fresh, sweet and savory. In addition to schiacciata con l'uva (flat bread with grapes), you can taste the always hot schiacciata all'olio (flat bread with olive oil), the typical Florentine flat bread at Carnival, and finally the bread of all kinds and with the use of the best flours.

Forno Pugi

La Pagnotta
Borgo La Croce, 109r
ph. 055 2479362
A must to taste the famous schiacciata con l'uva of Paola Mariabelli (here exceptionally from May to October) sweet, soft and dripping with red and sweet juice. But this is a bakery near the market of Sant'Ambrogio very popular with Florentines in the neighborhood because there is also good bread, schiacciata, hand-rolled breadsticks, and special breads (even for celiac).

La Pagnotta

Panificio Becagli
Borgo Ognissanti, 92r
055 215065
Open since 1909, they are best known for their fine pastries: ricciarelli, panforti, baked cakes, cenci and fritters impossible to miss, to be enjoyed following the rhythm of the seasons. But the goodness of this small bakery of 12 square meters in which 11 people work does not end here: 30 types of bread of different sizes and with different ingredients and a crushed grape to die for!

Forno Becagli

Panificio Chicco di Grano
Inside Market of Sant'Ambrogio
ph. 055 240616
Historic Florentine bakery located inside the famous and ancient market of Sant'Ambrogio, perhaps one of the best known originally for the preparation of schiacciata con l'uva (flat bread with grapes). Among the specialties also coccoli, balls of fried bread dough to eat with ham and stracchino cheese, because here the activity also offers a double service of frying (a Florentine tradition, now lost).

Panificio Chicco di Grano

Pasticceria Cesare
Via Gabriele D'Annunzio, 106
ph. 055 605054
Local well-known throughout the south of Florence, offers high pastry and desserts of the Florentine tradition. Inevitable the schiacciata with grapes that enriches the counter of Pasticceria Cesare in September.

Pasticceria Cesare

Pasticceria Giorgio
Via Duccio da Buoninsegna, 36
ph. 055 710849
It is worth to leave the historic center and get to Soffiano area to try one of the best pastry shops in Florence. Known for its famous schiacciata alla fiorentina, it deserves a taste of its delicious schiacciata with grapes. On Sundays, there is a queue, so be patient.

Pasticceria Giorgio


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