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January 18, 2017

Three months of art in Tuscany

Art in Tuscany. Great solo shows and incredible group exhibitions, from January to March

Until 29 January, Prato Textile Museum, Garden of Delights, felt-maker Majorlein Dallinga’s first solo show in Italy. Fourteen felt works inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Garden of Earthly Delights come to life in the Museum’s exhibition rooms in a magic and surreal atmosphere by harmonizing them with the fabrics and age-old machinery on display. Ending on 29 January is another solo show, Livorno, approssimativa, of works by Maurizio Biagini, known as the “rebel painter”, at the Granai, Villa Mimbelli. 30 large canvases on display for the first time.

Ending on 5 February at Palazzo Blu, Pisa Dalí. Il Sogno del Classico. Works in which the painter references Raphael, puts Michelangelo’s masterpieces under his unmistakeable surrealist lens, and the entire series of illustration for Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, one of the greatest works of world literature. Salvador Dalí is also the protagonist in Pietrasanta, also until 5 February, with Tra Sogno e Realtà. Sculptures on display between the central Piazza Duomo and the cloisters of St Augustine’s Church, include the famous melting clock and gigantic works such as the more than 7 metre tall Space Elephant.
Two other interesting solo shows also end on the same day at Lu.C.C.A. - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art: Beatrice Gallori’s Core and Francesco Cinelli’s L’anima ritrovata. At the Fondazione Centro Matteucci in Viareggio until 26 Fenruary, Il tempo di Signorini e De Nittis. L’Ottocento aperto al Mondo nelle Collezioni Borgiotti e Piceni. Along with Signorini and De Nittis, works by Zandomeneghi, Boldini, Lega and other great XIX century artists.

On until 18 April at PALP - Palazzo Pretorio / Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, Tutti in moto! Il mito della velocità in cento anni d’arte (Let’s all ride motorbikes! The myth of speed in one-hundred years of art) and Futurismo, velocità e fotografia (Futurism, speed and photography). More than 150 works, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and posters by great Italian artists such as Fattori, Severini, Carrà, Boccioni and Balla. 

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