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January 22, 2021

Tuscany remains in the Yellow Zone until Saturday 30 January

Rt less than 1 and lowest infection rate in Italy. Data you need to know

Tuscany remains in the Yellow Zone for the six days from Sunday 24 to Saturday 30 January. This is confirmed by this week's new Rt index, still below the threshold of 1.

We therefore remind you of the fundamental openings:

- Restaurants and bars open until 6pm, also with delivery service, takeaway until 10pm. (Click here to find your favourite in Florence for a fabulous lunch).

- Shops open until 9pm.

- Museums open on weekdays only, exhibitions closed. Click here to find all the museums open in Florence.

la cartina della toscana che ci illustra i dati di positività divisa per province

But let's look at the most significant data.

In Tuscany there are 129,384 cases of positivity to the Coronavirus, the cured cases grow of 0.4% and reach 117,029 (90.5% of total cases).

Tuscany ranks 12th in Italy in terms of the number of cases (including residents and non-residents), with about 3,476 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Italian average about 4,007 x 100,000, as of yesterday).

The provinces with the highest notification rates are Prato with 4,260 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Massa Carrara with 4,205, Pisa with 4,184, and Grosseto with 1,978, the lowest.

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