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December 22, 2017

With Music and...

Dream events to experience

The months dedicated to family parties and rendez-vous with friends are full of opportunities to spend an afternoon or evening in the city together, going for a hot chocolate and a chat before losing yourself in the streets full of lights and colorful packages...
On December 21, the Opera di Firenze presents a choir concert, Concerto delle Voci bianche of the Maggio Musicale conducted by Maestro Fratini, while the Christmas Concert with the chorus and orchestra are scheduled for the 23rd, with sacred music by Vivaldi, Bach e Carpentier; the New Year’s concert is dedicated to Beethoven’s Ninth, an anthem of brotherhood to humanity.
At Teatro Verdi on December 24 is another Christmas concert, Concerto di Natale, conducted by Daniele Rustioni, Alessandro Taverna at the piano and dedicated to Beethoven.
Musical lovers must know that Teatro Verdi always has something exceptional on the bill from December 7-10: La febbre del sabato sera (Saturday Night Fever) directed by Claudio Insegno, and on the 16th and 17th, Robin Hood by Beppe Dati; at the end of the year (December 29 to 31) the stage lights up with the well-known Compagnia della Rancia and its production of Grease. It’s not a musical, but Eleganzissima by Drusilla Foer, on New Year’s Eve at Teatro Niccolini, a wonderful show with live music accompanying the narration of an extraordinary life.
A full intense month at the Teatro della Pergola. From December 5 to 10, Musica ribelle is on stage with music by Eugenio Finardi and directed by Emanuele Gamba, a unique story of the 1970s; from the 12th to the 17th, the troubled noble Pirandello is back with Enrico IV acted and directed by theatrical maestro Carlo Cecchi; to end the year (from December 27 to January 2) the choice falls to the brilliant work that Monica Guerritore has taken from Husbands and Wives by Woody Allen, accompanied in her adventure by Francesca Reggiani. At Teatro Puccini, instead on December 13 and 14, there is the show with Natalino Balasso and Marta Dalla Via in Delusionist, a title that is more than a metaphor.
At Teatro Verdi, December 19, the Russian stars & Moscow State Classical ballet of Liudmila Titova present Swan Lake; while December 23, there is a double bill at Teatro della Pergola dedicated to The Nutcracker Suite, in the sumptuous staging by the St. Petersburg Ballet.
This year too, Teatro Puccini wishes to dedicate a “corner” of its December calendar to its youngest audience, starting with The Fir Tree/Pupi di Stac on December 3, to jump into the Christmas spirit and a joyful finale with the traditional Anderson story; on the ninth and 10th, the scene is The Wizard of Oz, while December 27, the spotlights are pointed on Scrooge and his Christmas Carol in the version by Teo Paoli. 

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