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Delicatessens in Florence

December 15, 2019

The excellence of our land all in one boutique of taste that smells of tradition. Here are the best in town

Tuscan cuisine is a must all over the world and in Florence there are true temples of taste that pay homage to all our excellence. Small and large delicatessens, where alongside traditional dishes, there are special and selected products: cold cuts and cheeses of all kinds, fresh pasta, bread and excellent bottles of wine.



"Cibo Buono Italiano Onesto". This is the organic food shop in Via della Mattonaia of the Florentine chef Fabio Picchi, who has created a true empire of taste in his Sant'Ambrogio. A real guarantee that ranges from fresh products to real gastronomic goodies absolutely organic and sought after, coming from all over Italy.

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Dalle Nostre Mani Dalle Nostre Mani

Dalle Nostre Mani

Fresh handmade pasta made with ingredients from biological agriculture. Among its specialities the kamut tagliatelle, the filled cappelletti (which mean “little hats” in Italian) and tortellini bolognese, the ravioli with parmisan cheese and truffle or gorgonzola cheese and wholenuts and the gnudi (little pasta-like dumplings). The gastronomy also offers: fresh bread, sausages, various kinds of mozzarella cheese and other chees types from biological and local agriculture, as well as homemade wines. It is even possible to get fresh pasta dilivered to your home home.

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Gastronomia Fratelli Boschetti Gastronomia Fratelli Boschetti

Gastronomia Fratelli Boschetti

It’s not just a gastronomia: it’s a cozy family run place where you can buy the most delicious Tuscan specialties but you can also taste one of the dishes cooked by Lidia, the owner who run the store with her husband and her son. Her roast beef is very famous, as well as her stew and her meat sauce. Cold cuts, cheeses, bread, schiacciata and many special products. You can eat among splendidly displayed fruits or you can choose a take-away.

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Gastronomia Galanti Gastronomia Galanti

Gastronomia Galanti

Gastronomia Galanti has been associated with gourmet food since 1960, though it is deeply rooted in Tuscany’s traditional “peasant cooking”. Ribollita, chicken galantine, salt cod and peposo are among the must-tries to eat in, either indoors or outdoors, or take away. Galanti also caters lunches and dinners to customers. It has an extensive wine list, about 400 labels, 50 of which Champagne wine, in addition to a select choice of Italian, French and British cheese, hand-sliced Cinta Sense and Casentino prosciutto, homemade desserts and many other specialties elegantly personalized with the shop’s logo. Galanti’s wine jellies are fantastic

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La Botteghina dell’Augusta

Fresh pasta retailers since 1988. Inside a very wide choice of products: you will find as well as twenty kinds of filled ravioli, tagliatelle, dumplings, cannelloni pasta and crepes, together with a rich selection of cold cuts, cheese varieties, olives and vegetables pickled in oil, particular sauces. Everything is of one hundred per cent quality: from 30-months matured parmesan cheese to truffle from Umbria. Products from the whole Italian country, in particular from te region of Tuscany and Calabria.

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L’Olandese Volante

A wide range of Dutch specialities imported by Janse Renzo Alexander, directly from windmill country. The cheese is excellent - Gouda and Edam, the traditional cheese with cumin, as well as mustard seeds and herbs - and the bonbons, the traditional filled chocolates in more than forty different flavours. Chocolate (96% cocoa) for tasting. Smoked herring and delicate cod liver oil for crostini.

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Olio & Convivium Olio & Convivium

Olio & Convivium

An elegant shop dedicated to the wine/oil sector and to research gastronomic products, built inside the historical Palazzo Capponi, in the heart of the ancient Oltrarno (literally: beyond the Arno) quarter of Florence. The innovative formula of this gastromic atelier ranges from light business lunches to a desk of fresh products for customer's daily shopping, from job meetings to themed events. You can also find a secondgreat retailer still dedicated to the best wine and oil products in Viale Europa.

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Pegna Pegna


A few steps from the Duomo, is one of the most famous Florentine historic shops in the world. An old grocery, full of all sorts of specialities: mainly Tuscan, but also national and foreign (such as Fauchon). Worth mentioning is the deli counter where expert assistants explain to you and serve valued cheese, salami and every kind of ham. There is also a wide selection of wines, colonial imports, spices, coffee, tea and chocolate.

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Perini Perini


One of the most well-stocked gastronomy in the city specialized in prosciutto crudo: 600 hams on display, about sixty of them are cut, a dozen varieties available (including Cinta Senese, Casentino, aged 24 months San Daniele PDO, aged 20 months smoked San Daniele). On the counter can be found fresh home made products such as sauces for crostini (up to 40 different types) and sauces for pasta (truffle and grouper, truffle and duck breast, game), fresh truffles all year round. Cheese: Try the pecorino which is matured for 24 months in the cellar.

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