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Isola di Giannutri

  • Arcipelago Toscano

In winter it is almost uninhabited. Inside the small island there is no real inhabited center and the few houses are scattered throughout the territory without a defined logic. The beauty of its inlets and coves overlooking a crystal clear sea is extraordinary. Certainly it was already inhabited in prehistoric times (as evidenced by the numerous findings of weapons and tools) and was frequented by Etruscans and Romans. Still lying on the seabed of this stretch of sea are some wrecks of merchant ships, witnesses of ancient maritime traffic. The Romans, probably belonging to the Domizi Enobarbi family, have also bequeathed to the island the remains of an ancient port at Cala dello Spalmatoio and a breathtaking Villa built in Cala Maestra in the first half of the 2nd century AD. From Porto Santo Stefano and Giglio Porto daily excursions and mini cruises are offered.

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