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Isola di Montecristo

  • Arcipelago Toscano

The island is inaccessible both for nature and for legislative reasons, in fact, in addition to its morphological conformation similar to a rock cone with the walls falling sheer into the cobalt blue sea, has long been an integral nature reserve. The only inlet of Montecristo where landing and mooring are quite easy is Cala Maestra on the north-western side of the island. On arrival you can see the only building on the island, the Villa Watson-Taylor, where there are practically the only trees on the island. The valley overlooking it is one of the largest and the only permanently inhabited space on the island. It is home to the guardians who, during the summer, are joined by a number of forest rangers. Access is strictly regulated and allowed only to researchers, school groups, recreational and voluntary clubs, nature associations, up to a maximum of 1000 visitors per year. Requests must be forwarded to the State Forestry Corps (State Forestry Administration Office of Follonica).

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Connect with Firenze Made in Tuscany