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LA SPA - Helvetia & Bristol

La Spa - Helvetia & Bristol

An enveloping and private space, unique in the city context, inspired by the principle mens sana in corpore sano and the authentic experience of the "Roman baths".

LA SPA at Helvetia & Bristol is open to both hotel guests and outsiders, through diversified membership programmes that allow you to enjoy the experience either as a day spa, or for longer periods with exclusive programmes designed for its members. The philosophy that distinguishes LA SPA is modelled on the past of the place that hosts it: the centre is in fact located where the Capitoline Baths of the Roman Florentia once stood, whose walls reappear here and there along the wellness path that, as in the beginning, aims to realign mind, body and spirit.

The ambience is soft and dreamlike, dominated by light colours. Travertine covers all the surfaces, emphasised by a sophisticated play of light and shadow. The furnishings are essential and the armchairs, with their comfortable and cosy design, invite you to experience conviviality and well-being.

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