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Salone dei Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio

text Martina Olivieri

June 29, 2021

A Night for ANT

The exclusive charity event organised by Fondazione ANT for the first time in Piazza del Carmine

Synergy, empathy, solidarity, unity, collaboration, understanding, cooperation, action: call them emotions if you like.

These are the themes of A Night for ANT, organised by Fondazione ANT with artistic direction by Jacopo Durazzani, Sammontana as main partners and the support of Exclusivam, which will take place at 21:00 on 7 July in the fabulous setting of Piazza del Carmine, with an exclusive show by top Florence fashion designer Ermanno Scervino.

At the sunset of a second summer tested by the tensions of the pandemic comes the happy and increasingly potent dawn of a project for anyone who finds they need more practical help and human comfort - ANT’s main credo, summed up in the term eubiosia (meaning “dignified life”).

Supported, naturally, by Cristina Casamassimi, who is always active in major projects promoting the mission of Fondazione ANT ITALIA ONLUS to provide specialist medical assistance free of charge  in the homes of cancer patients.

A Night for ANT will unite guests and supporters in awareness of a noble gesture and the purity of an evening enlivened by sophisticated people, artistic flair and plenty of surprises!

Like all the best parties, particularly those with important missions, there’s a crowd of high-class supporters to help: Exclusivam, a new luxury community founded by Benedetta Di Paolo who, backed by five years’ experience in luxury cars, has now created an innovative company to organise unique, unrepeatable events for the most exacting clients. A genuine cultural community where  beauty is at the heart of everything and whose real business is beauty itself.

Exclusivam brings the exceptional patroness Barbara Bouchet and the artistic input of Daniele Basso; with curation by Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art from Forte dei Marmi, he will present two large-scale works in mirrored steel. 

The first, entitled Achill, is a hawk taking off, its wings open to the infinite, symbolising new departures; and the other, Re Leone, is the emblematic animal of strength and power, chosen as a metaphor for the importance and grandeur of the event. 

Alongside Exclusivam’s contribution is that of Preziosi Amaltea and its founder and designer Marzio Forcella, creator of the most acclaimed Made in Italy jewellery. 

Since 2001 Marzio has been the most sought-after family jeweller for anyone who loves eye-catching jewellery.


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