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Porsche Xmas Night

text Martina Olivieri

January 9, 2022

With Benedetta Di Paolo to the discovery of Exclusivam

Made to measure events, memorable experiences where art and beauty produce pure energy

The story of Benedetta di Paolo is a one of beauty and the sharing of emotions. Backed by her experience in the high-end automotive industry, Benedetta made her long-cherished dream of an exclusive “salon”, a stage for unexplored worlds of art and culture, come true. This is how Exclusivam orignated, a community where experience, creativity and management come together to create unique, unrepeatable experiences. 

Exclusivam (Instagram profile here) organizes corporate events that reflect a brand’s values ​​and image, and creates special customized occasions for those who want uncompromising exclusivity. “We aim to create tailor-made events that fully reflect the client’s values ​​and essence, events where quite simply culture is the leitmotif of memorable experiences. That means cultural events, exhibitions, presentations, inaugurations, all in the name of luxury. My work - says Benedetta - encompasses all spheres and all of Italy”.

Beppe Severgnini and Benedetta Di Paolo

In Pescara, in the magical context of the 2017 Flaiano Awards, with journalist Beppe Severgnini, and in Rome where the prestigious new headquarters in Via Veneto were inaugurated. Success that is also the result of on-going collaboration with the Laura Tartarelli Contemporary Art gallery. Any memorable examples? The presentation of the new Taycan, Porsche’s first zero-emission model, at the Twiga in Forte dei Marmi with artist Sandro Gorra and Mario Cambiaggio

Twiga Beach Club

Another exclusive event, which highlighted the essential role of women in business and art, was the Porsche Christmas Night at the Porsche Center in Florence, with an exceptional guest of honour, Luna Berlusconi.

Benedetta Di Paolo and Luna Berlusconi to the Porsche Xmas NightBenedetta Di Paolo and Laura Tartarelli to the Porsche Xmas Night

Among the many exclusive evenings in which Laura Tartarelli and Benedetta Di Paolo met we also recall the A Night for ANT charity event in Piazza del Carmine in Florence, last summer, with special guest Barbara Bouchet and works of art by Daniele Basso. Projects follow one after another, as do art and exclusivity.

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