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Vista della campagna toscana (ph. Alessio Marradi)

text Roberto Bellini

March 31, 2023

Eccellenza di Toscana, the first Guide to the Best Tuscan Wines

The new AIS Toscana guide entirely dedicated to Tuscan wine and producers

Eccellenza di Toscana is the new AIS Toscana guide entirely and exclusively devoted to Tuscan wines and producers.

It is an ambitious project that brings the top AIS Toscana sommeliers to the tasting table with the aim of identifying the 300 best winemakers in Tuscany each year.

Launched in late 2022, the project seeks to offer a different way of telling the world about our regional wines. There are descriptions - albeit brief - of all the wines, complete with tasting notes, and each is given a score out of a hundred; a suggestion for food pairings accompanies each entry.

Guida Eccellenza di Toscana


The guide also indicates which wineries offer hospitality, either in the form of rooms or a restaurant; whether they produce olive oil or other food products, and whether they offer additional services such as tastings and wine experiences.

The current edition is the work of the tasters and wine writers who produced the VITAE 2022 guide; however, the next issue will have a completely new format, with selected contributions from other experts, in order to create a wide-ranging team of professionals. Indeed, the aim is to increase the number of wine producers included in the guide, with a focus on exploring areas that are developing innovative wines, wines that have internalised their historic nature and are introducing new life-blood into Tuscan production. The future of this new guide is to convey a sense of Tuscan excellence that goes beyond wine - which, nevertheless, remains our core, our own excellence; the guide will extend to inform readers of places where they can find sommeliers working in restaurants, wine shops, hotels and wine bars.

Campagna Toscana (ph. Greta Farnedi)

Alongside this project there will also be wine-tasting events under the name Eccellenza di Toscana, aiming to tap into an appeal that goes beyond regional borders; to this end the guide will be available in bookshops, since it is designed to interest tourists as well as sommeliers, specialists and producers.

Published by Gruppo Editoriale, the book will be valued for its manageable format, clear and simple graphics, conceptual concision, ease of consultation and reading, and the confident, lively enthusiasm of Tuscan sommeliers.

This edition lists over 300 wine producers, all excellent interpreters of their terroir, and to them we owe our thanks for having shared this idea, because we firmly believe that bringing together the various dimensions of producing and experiencing wine can only lead to excellence for all.

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