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July 26, 2018

Giglio Island

A spasso tra i Rioni. On 7 and 8 June flavors, colors and scents of an enchanted island

Friday 7 and Saturday, June 8, 2013, the small village of colorful houses of Giglio Porto awakens from a long winter and welcomes tourists with its heady flavors, in a "challenge" with strokes of fork between the three districts, Moletto, and Saraceno Church.

Among the swirl of colors of the floral and crystal clear sea, the first look is kidnapped by the aggregate of small colored houses overlooking the tranquil waters of the Giglio.

Winter is over and everything is back to life following the island's sluggish pace. The three leaders of the village, however, a swarm of volunteers busy breaking the tranquility everyday is "A walk through the districts" as it prepares to take life.

On the right of the port district Saraceno equip the tables reds and blacks, while from the pots already out the smell of polenta with squid and typical soups.
To the left of the blue and yellow Moletto blends with the color of that sea which provided the fish is frying in the pan.

At the heart of the district Church, white and green dress, fascinates passers-by with the wonderful local sweets ready on trays.

Gradually, the streets fill with people, all over the island out of the house to welcome not only those who already know the party and made it a permanent fixture, but also and above all those who come for the first time and that, bewildered and happy, they venture into this vortex of colors, flavors and fragrances.

The music of the band invades the streets, insinuates itself between the tables and chairs, among the boats on the pier ... at every corner feet beat time harassed by the rhythm of the musicians who walk to the harbor.

And it is this point that the Ansonaco the wonderful amber wine that lights up the night of Giglio, slowly ascended to the throne of the true star of the evening, giving everyone present that wonderful feeling of fullness and serenity that allows you to forget for a couple of days the stress of everyday life outside of this wonderful island that might seem legend and it does exist.

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