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March 13, 2020

TV series in Tuscany

Lovers of TV series this is for you. From Rai to Netflix, cove see to spend these days enjoying the beauty of Tuscany even from home

Tuscany has been an open-air set of many exciting TV series, Italian, but also foreign, including some incursions from Netflix.

Pop corn in hand, here are the perfect ones to spend these days of the fundamental #iorestoacasa.

I Medici - Prime Video

Broadcast from October 18, 2016 to December 11, 2019 on Rai 1 for a total of three seasons, it was a true colossal of 24 episodes. As the title says, it tells, in a fictionalized version, the rise of the most famous Florentine family in history. From Cosimo de' Medici to the events of Lorenzo il Magnifico. Among the performers is also Dustin Hoffman, as Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, patriarch of the family and father of Cosimo. The filming took place mainly between Tuscany and Lazio. In Florence inside historical sites such as Palazzo Vecchio, Basilica di San Lorenzo, Palazzo del Bargello, Baptistery and Duomo, while for many outdoor scenes the enchanting Pienza was chosen.

I Medici

Pezzi Unici - RaiPlay

One of the most recent productions by Rai and signed by the Florentine director Cinzia TH Torrini, starring Sergio Castellitto, flanked, among others, by Giorgio Panariello, Irene Ferri and Fabrizia Sacchi, together 5 young and talented actors.
A story, which under the pretext of a sort of thriller, talks about Florentine craftsmanship and the beauty of uniqueness, not only of an object, but also of the person: the extraordinary uniqueness of the human being.

Pezzi Unici

La casa di carta 3 - Netflix

It is well known that some scenes from the third season of one of the most successful Netflix series were shot in Florence. In fact, it was here that, causing quite a stir, there was the shooting of the meeting between the Professor and Berlin. But we don't want to add anything else, otherwise the spoiler alarm sounds.

La casa di carta 3

Luna Nera - Netflix

Another Netflix series, recently released, this time Italian (the third for Netflix), directed by an exceptional all-female triptych: Francesca Comencini, Susanna Nicchiarelli and Paola Randi. A fantasy, however, that has its roots in history. A story of love and witchcraft, set in 17th century Italy, where the picturesque streets of the village of Sorano can be seen in Tuscany.

Luna Nera

I delitti del BarLume - Sky Cinema

The funny TV series based on Marco Malvali's novels. It tells the story of Massimo Viviani, played by Filippo Timi, bartender of the imaginary Tuscan town of Pineta, struggling with various crimes in the small town where he lives. To help him, voluntarily or merno, four elderly people who frequent his bar, one of whom is played by Alessandro Benvenuti.
To date, 14 episodes have been filmed, divided over 7 seasons.
The Tuscan comedy to the nth power.

I delitti del BarLume

Da Vinci's Demons - Sky Italia

It is the gothic and modern reinterpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's life, broadcast on FOX. To interpret the great genius, of which the series explores events of youth that would have remained unknown to this day, the British actor Tom Riley, we admit, this is only set, not shot in Florence or Tuscany, but how not to mention a series that tells of our greatest master?

Da Vinci's Demons

L'amica geniale 2 - RaiPlay

The second season of the beautiful TV series inspired by Elena Ferrante's bestselling novel, brought the production to shoot in Pisa, where one of the two protagonists, Lenù, moved, leaving Naples and then her fraternal friend, Lila, to study at the Normale. An apparently casual encounter changes their destiny and their friendship.

L'amica geniale 2

Come una madre - RaiPlay

Another very recent Rai fiction, which has given proof of the talent of the actress and TV presenter Vanessa Incontrada, is Spanish, but Tuscan by adoption, since she has chosen Follonica as her home. Few but significant scenes have been filmed in the beautiful Tuscan archipelago. A story that tells of Angela, a social worker who is going through a deep crisis, due to the loss of her son, little Matteo, and who decides to return to where she was born and grew up, to the island of Giglio, where a terrible crime will take place, which will involve her directly.

Come una madre

Il commissario Manara - RaiPlay

A mix of detective and romantic comedy, a spin-off of Una famiglia in giallo, starring Guido Caprino, in the role of commissioner Luca Manara, who in the first season peeps out in a country not better identified than Maremma Grossetana.

Il commissario Manara

6 Underground - Netflix

Small 'ad honorem' quotation for another production of the TV series platform par excellence, which is actually a film, but which involved our Florence in the forefront with a spectacular chase and a very dangerous parkour stunt on the dome of the Duomo.
Michael Bay's blockbuster action is, along with Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, the most expensive film in Netflix's history.

6 Underground

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