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Green pass
April 29, 2022

Green passe and indoor masks: what changes from 1 May and 15 June

Work, school, transport, cinema: all the new things coming up

As of 1 May, most of the restrictions introduced in recent months to combat Covid-19 will no longer apply in Italy. It will no longer be necessary to show a green pass (with the exception of health facilities) and the Plf form (the "Passenger locator form") will no longer be required for those arriving in our country from abroad. But let's take a closer look at what has changed, where the obligation to wear a face mask remains and all the other regulations.

Compulsory face mask:

  • Transport: To board planes, long-distance trains, as well as metro, buses and local transport shuttles, it will be compulsory to wear a mask until 15 June.

  • Schools: Pupils, teachers and school workers will be obliged to wear masks in enclosed spaces in schools until 15 June.

  • Hospitals and RSAs: Workers, users and visitors of all health, social and health care facilities.

  • Cinemas, theatres, entertainment and live music venues, indoor cultural events in general (except discos).

  • Stadiums and arenas: during all indoor sports competitions, fans and spectators will still be obliged to wear masks until 15 June.

For work where windows can be kept open and distances respected, the mask will not be compulsory, while it may be required for employees in contact with the public. Thus, "the need to protect nose and mouth" will be recommended, but there will be no obligation unless it is established by a company agreement.

Green pass

From 1 May, the green pass will remain in force to prove vaccination or recovery, but it will no longer be compulsory in cinemas and theatres, at concerts, sporting events, conferences and congresses, in wellness centres, workplaces, public offices, shops, bars and restaurants, on transport, in canteens and catering, cultural, social and recreational centres, competitions, games rooms, parties and discos. The only exception is for healthcare workers in hospitals and nursing homes.


Vaccination requirements for workers in the police, armed forces, schools and universities, as well as for the over-50s, expire on 15 June. Until the end of the current year (31 December 2022), health professionals and hospital workers are obliged to vaccinate, on pain of suspension from work.

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