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Marta Innocenti Ciulli
Ph. e Video Silvia Bavetta

I Love Florence

Our tribute to a Florence dressed in emptiness and silence, through an unpublished video edited by Silvia Bavetta. Our wish towards a city that awakens, more aware than before

It could be a winter night. With the wind rushing through the streets and screaming in the squares. Maybe there's even a loud roar of water on the horizon.

Yes, it's better to stay at home, the usual ride I like to do by bike, alone, finally master of my Florence, without the line of tourists chasing the flag, people running because they have to do a thousand before dinner, minibuses that barely cross the center with the buzzer in action because they can't get anywhere... no tonight I give up! 

But it's not late at night, it's not winter and how I would like to go out and enjoy my Florence in this strange spring.

Detail of a city at the time of Covid 19

We saw the trees fill with leaves from behind the windows, the swallows come back and find their nests, we sang from the balconies, waved our Italian flag from the windows, attached to the windows the rainbows painted by the children... of course we will make it!

A moment captured during our lockdown

Meanwhile, let's enjoy this surreal film shot in our beautiful city by Silvia Bavetta. where the monuments and statues wait silently and little patience for everything to return to a happy chaos.  


piazza santa croce during the hideout 19

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