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Matteo Bocelli

text Teresa Favi

September 21, 2021

Our exclusive interview with Matteo Bocelli

The son of the great tenor Andrea Bocelli talks about his music, dreams and projects

He looks like a prince straight out of a page of The Arabian Nights, with eyes as deep as the night sky and lighting up as he smiles. Matteo Bocelli, 21 years old, is the second born of Andrea, from whom he seems to have inherited what it takes to succeed.

He collaborated with his father on Bocelli’s latest album, , which was immediately topped the charts in the US and UK.  After New York’s Madison Square Garden, the Late Show and the BBC, father and son sang Fall on me together at the Sanremo Music Festival. The video of this duet got nearly 40 million views on YouTube. Very social media famous, Matteo performed with Jennifer Lopez, attends the Conservatory and never misses a party.

Matteo e Andrea Bocelli ph Luca Rossetti

Fall on me, what does it say about your father and yourself?

The song is about a father-son relationship, I composed some lines in Italian by drawing on my own life experiences. It is definitely an autobiographical song and I think one can tell by the way we sing it, because we truly feel it as our own.

It’s one of the songs from your father’s latest album. What, in your opinion, is the album’s overall tone, can it appeal to a twenty-year-old?

has been the bestselling album in the UK and US at the same time; it’s the first time ever for an Italian singer. It was honor to be part of such an important project, in my own little way, with Fall on me.

How did you feel when, after the Sanremo Music Festival, your name was all over the press?

Excited, flattered and pleased with the performance with my father. The Sanremo stage is one of the world’s most difficult stages to manage. 

Matteo e Andrea Bocelli - Photo Matjaz Ocko

What is your secret to stay grounded without having to give up on the joys of a 20-year-old?

The secret is to follow the example of my family in terms of dedication, passion and enthusiasm in doing one’s job, day by day.

You’ve worked with one of the world’s most beautiful women, how is Jennifer Lopez in real life?

She is truly charismatic, besides being beautiful.

What are your plans now, will you go on singing?

I’m currently attending Lucca’s conservatory, I study with passion and dedication every day. I would like to go on doing this job but, like I always say, it’s the audience that will determine my success or failure. For the time being, I’m a student and I behave like one.  

How were you initiated into music?

I’ve been studying piano since childhood, I grew up with my father who influenced all my music preferences, I love both classical and pop music and I’m a young man who lives and breathes music every day. Therefore, I feel very lucky. 

Matteo Bocelli ph Luca Rossetti

Lucca is the city where you study music. Where do you go, between one class and the next, for a yummy break or to collect your thoughts?

There’s this wonderful place where they make the best hot chocolate with whipped cream in town, but I’m not saying where so you can’t steal it from me (he smiles).

You love the countryside and we know that you love driving…Is there a tour of the hills that you would particularly recommend in spring?

A beautiful drive from Lajatico to Volterra, through the typical Tuscan countryside landscape. 

Make a personal playlist of musicians.

Ed Sheeran, Ultimo, Image Dragon, Coldplay, Queen, and Andrea Bocelli, of course.

What are your top three favorite Instagram profiles?

You’ll have to look at my Instagram profile to find out (he laughs).

Your dearest memory associated with music?

At home, on Christmas Day, singing with my family all together. 

What is your best quality and worst fault?

I’m a total perfectionist, which I believe is both a quality and a fault at times. 

Thank You to?

Dad, Mom, my friends and music. Forever. 

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