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Teresa Favi

June 4, 2015


Trattorie for gourmets in search of true and carefree places

Special addresses the you known only to the narrow circle of the natives, where you go by word of mouth or because you happen by chance - and luck - during a trip out of town.

Mangia Fora

In Florence, a restaurant very special because it is hidden in one of the largest and most beautiful parks of Florence, one of the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, so that one has the impression of being light years from the city. But the kitchen is chef Vito Mollica noble. Al Fresco, in the summer it is open every evening for dinner, except Mondays in June, tel. 055 2626470.

In Castiglione della Pescaia, province of Grosseto, a pretty place with the pergola where you go out especially for tortelli cast, hand-made by Gloria and Susanna, under the nose and thrown into the pot (roast on reservation): Trattoria Il Bivio , in Loc Broad, tel. 0564 944 135.

In Prato, in the hamlet of St. Hippolytus (close to the Prato West), a place where there is only those who know him only by hearsay. Marco and Maurizio sbalzano in paradise with the wheels of durum wheat pasta di fossa cheese, the Frenchwoman (a kind of stew redone), the steak, the donuts with cream and cheesecake (on request), book at least one week before : A mangià fora - tel. 0574 815 860.

In Pavana, on the border between Pistoia and Porretta, a place for gourmets and lovers of purity and especially cheese, often frequented by a neighbor who called Francesco Guccini: Caciosteria i due ponti, Street Bridge to Venturina, 47, tel. 0573 892520, opening hours: 7:00 to 1:00.

Trattoria I Due Ponti

In Marina di Cecina, in the province of Livorno, from a family of fishermen and in honor of her grandmother Mary who sold fish, Andrea Bacci has set in motion the formula caught and eaten raw fish dishes of the day. There is also the Aperi-fish in the boat bar. When weather is bad and not fishing, the place is closed: Ristorpescheria by Mary, from June is only open in the evening, avenue Galliano 3/5, tel. 0586 620 519.

In Castelnuovo Garfagnana, 49 km from Lucca, a place divine snacks with salted meat and potato bread served local innkeeper perfect: Andrea. It 'sa shop for food so if you plan to taste something after 20, it warned, a custom: Osteria il vecchio mulino, Via Vittorio Emanuele, 12, tel. 0583 62192, closed on Mondays.

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