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Pitti Fragranze 2022
September 12, 2022

Pitti Fragranze 2022 in Florence

From 16 to 18 September, the international artistic perfumery returns to the Stazione Leopolda to present its latest novelties

The 20th edition of Pitti Fragranze, the Pitti Immagine exhibition dedicated to the world of international artistic perfumery, will be held from 16 to 18 September at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence. The appointment that brings to Florence the leading names in the sector and the most prestigious noses, a point of reference - for its continuous attitude to research and exclusivity - for the market and fragrance enthusiasts, and for the latest trends in skincare and wellness, is preparing for an edition full of novelties, debuts, special guests, events and talks that cannot be missed. 

Pitti Fragranze

The 5 senses issue: theme of the 2022 fair
"After a sensorially difficult time," says Agostino Poletto, General Director of Pitti Immagine, "in which distance, detachment, absence have prevailed, returning to feeling in a total, complete, synergic manner represents a desire, a necessity, a rediscovered opportunity. This is the message we launch from Fragranze with The 5 senses issue. Because living an experience deeply, without isolating one sense, but listening to it as part of the whole, as a concert of information, amplifies perception and excites. Finally."

Osmothèque nature morte avec anciens flacons

"This is why we are preparing an edition conceived as an amplified experience of the senses. From the novelties presented by the leading companies and brands - there will be almost 160 at this edition, whether they are the leading names in the world of fragrances and beauty lifestyle, or emerging names making their debut - to an intense programme of events, special guests, participations and talks, in which interactive experiences are lived, trends are taken stock of and new ones are launched."

Pitti Fragranze

The 5 senses issue inspired a visual communication campaign in which material, consistent, generous brushstrokes trace imaginary petals, ready to disintegrate to suggest something else. A stroke that goes beyond the surface, becomes substance, exudes perfumes, pigments, almost lets itself be touched. With references to Sergio Scatizzi's 'informal' roses, to the dripping polychromy of Damien Hirst's "Cherry Blossom". And in the claims that accompany this edition, perceptions deliberately cross over, integrate, add up: 
Smell my eyes, Hear my skin, Touch my scent, See my lips, Taste my smell.

From the meeting of tradition and innovation, MANE reinvents the historical Enfleurage technique - one of the oldest extraction methods, used to extract fragrances from flower petals - and offers a new range of 100% natural extracts, which will be the protagonists of this edition of RAW, the Pitti Fragranze format that gives space to the most important raw materials of perfume, and provides a valid green alternative to classic extractions.

Special Guest: Alessandro Gualtieri aka THE NOSE, author of Nasomatto and Orto Parisi, is this edition's Special Guest. For Pitti Fragranze he has designed IL MURO ALCHEMICO: an interactive physical experience that people will be able to enjoy at the Stazione Leopolda during the three days of the fair.

Alessandro Gualtieri

RAW by MANE presents 'The Rose: Reinventing Iconics
MANE renews its presence at Pitti Fragranze 2022 and for RAW - the show's format dedicated to the most important raw materials of perfume - presents a multi-sensory journey to re-discover the Rose. The undisputed queen of the history of perfumery opens up to new olfactory scenarios thanks to more than 150 years of MANE experience in the selection and extraction of natural raw materials. Source of inspiration for painters and poets over the centuries, protagonist in the sacred texts of China, ancient India and Greek mythology, the Rose has always been a strong symbol of femininity, passion and beauty. MANE reinvents this ingredient through the exploration of different territories able to reveal the best olfactory profile of the raw material; sustainable co-extractions to exploit the synergic combination of different ingredients as an alternative to more traditional extracts; biotechnologies and green up-cycling processes to embrace the new challenges of the natural. In a succession of raw materials and olfactory creations, the conference entitled 'The Rose: Reinventing Iconics' will be held on Friday 16 September, at 11. 00 a.m. at the Stazione Leopolda, and will be curated by Mehdi Lisi (Global Fine Fragrance President, MANE Group), Melanie Duhamel (Fragrance Division Director, MANE Italy, Spain and Portugal), Cyril Gallardo (Ingredients Director, MANE EMEA), Mathilde Voisin (Ingredients Marketing Manager, MANE EMEA) and Mathieu Nardin (Perfumer, MANE Paris).

MANE Raw La Rosa

Exhibitors' events include:
The Taif Rose

Laura Bosetti Tonatto, a world-famous nose, curates a special presentation - Friday 16 September at 3.00 p.m. - on the extremely precious Taif rose from the Saudi Arabian plateau, whose blossoming is jealously guarded to preserve its rarity: a public account that the creative woman dedicates to the famous nose Guy Robert on the tenth anniversary of his death. With the participation also of Beatrice Barni of Rose Barni.

Laura Tonatto Taif

Also making its debut at Pitti Fragranze will be "Sergio", the new fragrance from Laura Bosetti Tonatto's "Les Étoiles" collection, dedicated to the Madrid-born dancer Sergio Bernal, international star and interpreter of a new original flamenco, who will be present at the fair for a special presentation and performance on Saturday 17 September at 3 p.m.
In the Talk Area of the Stazione Leopolda, during Fragranze, "Acqua di rose" will also be screened, a visual project linked to the theme of this edition and created exclusively by Furio Ganz and Alessandro Gori.

Sergio Essenzialmente Laura


16-18 September 2022
Stazione Leopolda
Viale Fratelli Rosselli, Florence
Opening hours: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Free entrance reserved to sector operators

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