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April 16, 2020

Reading is an essential good. Here are the bookshops in Florence that have answered the call and reopened their doors

With the last decree before Easter the bookstores were given the green light by the government to reopen. Time to get organized and someone took the opportunity

This exclusion of bookshops from essential activities did not return to many people. Reading is loved by many. Especially in quarantine it's a great escape, which is no small thing. In addition, there are those who need books for study or work. So the Government responds and gives the green light to the reopening of bookstores, obviously with all the necessary precautions during the Coronavirus emergency.

Of course it is no small commitment and even in Florence not all bookstores have been able or decided to respond to the call and reopen.

They have reopened the Libreria Giunti in Via de' Guicciardini 51/53/55r, as well as in Prato and Pistoia, Il Libraccio Ibs in Via de' Cerretani 16r, the Librairie Française de Florence in Piazza Ognissanti 1r, and the Libreria Salvemini, in the square of the same name and the Alzaia bookshop in Viale Don Giovanni Minzoni 25c, at the Stensen Cinema, where they preferred not to allow direct access to the shelves, but put a counter at the entrance where they could ask for reading advice and make orders and purchases.

Then there are those who, like Todo Modo (via dei Fossi, 15r) and La Piccola Farmacia Letteraria (via di Ripoli, 7r), who, with their books with liar and medical prescriptions can be particularly indicated (click here to learn more and read our interview with Elena Molini, the founder and owner), have decided to continue with home deliveries and the counter service for those who pass by their street for other needs, but to remain closed to the public, at least for now.

Even La Feltrinelli has not yet reopened its bookshops, nor Red in Piazza della Repubblica, nor the address in Via dei Cerretani or in Piazza Stazione Santa Maria Novella.

We'll be in touch for new updates.

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