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letture autori toscani
March 11, 2020

The best 'pens' of contemporary Tuscany

A great company that doesn't need a safe distance

Reading stories, diving into adventures, dreaming, telling the impossible... the opportunities offered by a novel are many. And Tuscan authors are masters at this.

We accompany you to the discovery of great contemporary writers, their best sellers or the latest release.

Il colibrì - Sandro Veronesi

It is the new book by one of the leading authors of The Ship of Theseus, winner of the Witch Award and not only with Calm Chaos. The novel tells the life of Marco Carrera, a man who never plunges to the bottom of his despair and is able to resist despite everything.

La mia ombra è tua - Edoardo Nesi

Another illustrious name of The Ship of Theseus. Stories of my people is a bit of a cult, but its latest 'effort' is certainly another satisfying reading. A love story that began forty years before the unexpected ending, told by one of its two protagonists together with a travelling companion.

I romani del BarLume - Marco Malvaldi

Pisa is the birthplace of Marco Malvaldi, author of the famous and hilarious series of I romanzi del BarLume, composed of 8 novels, from which was taken the funny television series all Tuscan, with, among others, Filippo Timi and Alessandro Benevenuti.

Cadrò, sognando di volare - Fabio Genovesi

The author of Versilia Rock City and Morte dei Marmi, books with explicit reference to his native land, tells the story of Fabio, a lazy law student, who meets an 80-year-old former missionary and establishes a relationship with him based on his passion for the cyclic and the Pirate, Marco Pantani. An unexpected audacity will unite them to create a true and passionate future.

L'anno dei misteri. Un'indagine del commissario Bordelli - Marco Vichi

The '69 and Canzonissima are just the beginning of the last investigation that Marco Vichi wrote for Guanda, a black story made by blonde prostitutes murdered by a maniac and reflections waiting for retirement days.

I fratelli Michelangelo - Vanni Santoni

The writer of the lucky If I were fire, I would burn Florence tells of a family where the paternal male is winning in the public world and fragile in the private one, to the point that his children are scattered around the world and only a solemn invitation in the woods of Vallombrosa will manage to steer their lives.

Adelmo, come back to me - Teresa Ciabatti

If La piú amata is perhaps Teresa Ciabatti's most famous book, Adelmo, returns to me, his debut novel is the one from which the film L'estate del mio primo bacio, by Carlo Virzì, was based. The protagonist is Camilla Francesca Matilde Randone - a girl from Rome, daughter of the writer Giovanna Sinibaldi, about to turn fourteen - and her summer love.

Dacia Maraini

Finally, a tribute to a great woman, born in Fiesole. It's hard to choose one of her many novels and short stories, so we'll mention 3 of them: The Long Life of Marianne Ucrìa, Bagheria and Darkness.

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