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Teresa Ciabatti

text: Francesca Lombardi

April 15, 2020

Teresa Ciabatti The Readings by

A noir and at the same time very sweet piece taken from the novel "Acqua Nera" by Joyce Carol Oates read by the Tuscan writer

The beautiful face and voice of Teresa Ciabatti accompany us through the last pages of an extraordinary novel about the end of the American dream of the 60s.

The tragic news story of 1969 involving the car driven by Senator Ted Kennedy with his assistant next to it and ending with the death of the woman in a lake and Kennedy's indictment for hit-and-run is the scaffolding on which the novel is built. Oates transforms the event - the protagonist is not the Senator's assistant but a young woman she met at a party on the East Coast - and retraces through the last moments of the girl, trapped in the cockpit and doomed to death, the descending parable of this young woman full of enthusiasm that clashes with the cynicism that hides behind the glittering facade.

Acqua Nera by Joyce Carol Oates

The fall of ideals, the analysis of that society saturated with power and arriism become a series of unanswered questions that drown with her on the very night she met the man who embodies this perfect world, Senator Ted Kennedy. The anguish of death in solitude is an important part of the novel that Teresa reads to us.

Matrigna by Teresa Ciabatti

Teresa Ciabatti is an Italian writer and screenwriter. After graduating in Modern Literature at the Sapienza University in Rome, she attended Alessandro Baricco's writing school in Turin. She published her first novel in 2002, Adelmo Torna da me, from which the film L'estate del mio primo bacio by Carlo Virzi (2005) was based. His last novel is Matrigna del 2018.

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