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estate fiorentina 2023
May 26, 2023

Estate Fiorentina 2023

From 2 June to 21 September many events, meetings, shows and 15 major festivals enliven the city

Four months of cultural activities, starting with the concert event on 2 June, 132 organisers involved, 111 widespread projects, 6 special thematic events, including a review dedicated to Giorgio Gaber on the twentieth anniversary of his death and one instead to Don Milani on the centenary of his birth, 15 major festivals, as well as 12 summer spaces. The Estate Fiorentina is back until September with a wider calendar than ever before, consisting of shows, music, art, literature, cinema, meetings, for an audience of all ages.

The major thematic events planned for this year, which are also linked to the celebration of important anniversaries, with free admission:

  • The 2023 edition kicks off on 2 June until 21 September. Com'è viva la città (How alive the city is), the claim at the heart of the creativity designed for this year's programme schedule, which takes up the verse of the famous song by Giorgio Gaber. The Milanese singer-songwriter is in fact the protagonist of the thematic review La Gaberiana spread throughout district 4 from 1 to 20 July. The kermesse is part of the 6 major thematic special events planned for this year, which are also linked to the celebration of important anniversaries, with free admission.

  • Le piazze dei libri 2023, a widespread event dedicated to promoting reading will take place in 11 squares in the five districts, involving local bookshops, from 27 June to 2 July.

  • A great event for the National Republic Day that in fact opens the four months of Estate Fiorentina entitled Anatomy of a Republic - A journey through the history of republican Italy: widespread initiatives throughout the day on 2 June in libraries and then an evening concert reading with free admission at the Teatro della Pergola involving artists and actors from Florentine and nationally important associations and theatre companies to recall, through the reading of pages from novels by great 20th century authors, our republican history from 1946 to today.

  • The kermesse I giardini della poesia sees readings and performances spread throughout the major parks from 26 to 30 June.

  • I CARE. Don Milani 100 is the thematic event organised by Chille de la Balanza for the centenary of Don Lorenzo Milani's birth: shows, meetings and performances to recall the thought of this fundamental figure and the important teaching of the Barbiana school from 1 June to 13 August.

  • Il Mondo in Santo Spirito 2023 - Musica e Parole (The World in Santo Spirito 2023 - Music and Words), envisages a series of meetings and artistic events on the parvis of the Santo Spirito basilica, to enliven this place with culture, from 1 July to 16 September.

15 major festivals in the city:

  • La città dei lettori (7 to 11 June, Villa Bardini)

  • Florence Dance Festival (from 18 June to 20 July in the large cloister of Santa Maria Novella)

  • Festival au Dèsert (28, 29 and 30 June, preview on 14 June, Cascine amphitheatre and park)

  • Lattexplus Festival (Stazione Leopolda, Manifattura Tabacchi)

  • Musart Festival (from 16 to 26 July, in Piazza Santissima Annunziata)

  • Firenze Jazz Festival (5 to 10 and 13 to 17 September, various locations in Oltrarno)

  • Copula Mundi (31 August to 3 September, L.U. MEN Mensola Park)

  • Genius Loci (28, 29, 30 September, Santa Croce monumental complex)

  • Sagrati in musica sotto le stelle (9 June to 15 September, basilica and church parvises)

  • Italian Brass Week (23, 28 July, various locations)

  • Cirk Fantastik! (7 to 17 September, Cascine Park)

  • Firenze dall’Alto (22 June to 14 September, various locations)

  • Secret Florence (4 to 16 June, various locations)

  • Apriti Cinema! (26 June to 6 August, Piazzale degli Uffizi)

  • Florence Folks Festival (7 to 9 September, Manifattura Tabacchi)

Lots of events, then, dedicated to cinema, theatre, dance, literary meetings, exhibitions, multidisciplinary reviews, spread throughout the city districts.

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