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Sofia Doni

March 19, 2021

The best Easter eggs in Tuscany

We offer you our selection of the best artisanal chocolate eggs from all over Tuscany

Tradition doesn't allow for argument: for Easter you need a chocolate egg. Undoubtedly, a quality egg (handcrafted by true masters) is a triumph of flavors... nothing compared to those produced industrially on a large scale! So, how do you go about choosing the right egg? We've got you covered! In fact, on the occasion of the holidays, we have selected for you the best Tuscan chocolate shops that produce the most delicious chocolate eggs. What are you waiting for? Are you ready to make your Easter unforgettable?

The egg of Amedei chocolate factory

Via San Gervasio, 29
0587 484849

Research, craftsmanship and taste. These are the values of Amedei Tuscany, the famous chocolate factory. For 30 years in the industry and with as many as 85 awards, this chocolate factory is known both in Italy and abroad for its extremely valuable production. Its products are made with a few ingredients of the highest quality and without using artificial flavors, soy lecithin, gluten or thickeners. On the occasion of Easter, the company has created a vast assortment of eggs that satisfy everyone's needs. From the strong taste of the egg with 70% dark chocolate (totally lactose-free) to the balanced taste of the Bigusto, made with half of their Toscano Black 70 and the other half with their Toscano Brown (milk chocolate). In addition to plain eggs, this year there are also those made with white chocolate and Bronte pistachios (with an unmistakable creaminess), or those with milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts. However, not to be missed is their Toscano Red: a 70% dark chocolate shell that holds an intense and fragrant bouquet of raspberries, cherries and strawberries. In addition to Easter eggs, Amedei produces throughout the year a vast quantity of pralines: from those with bitter cocoa, grappa, Vin Santo, rum and gianduia to those with coffee, chuao, rhubarb, licorice, ginseng and orange...not to be missed! To enjoy these delights, their online shop is active. Delivery in Italy is completely free for orders over 69 euros.

The egg of the Vestri chocolate shop

Via Romana, 161/A
0575 907315

Famous for the "BOGLIO", or jasmine chocolate with orange, and the Toscolata, or the bar that is "good for the heart", Vestri represents the chocolate of the land of Arezzo in the early 60s. For Easter this company thought of a selection of eggs not to be missed. For chocolate traditionalists, there is no shortage of classic milk, dark (63%) and "high percentage" dark (81%) eggs. Even dried fruit is present in their laboratory and gives life to hazelnut eggs (both milk and dark) and pistachio eggs (made with white chocolate and pistachio paste)... truly delicious! However, the love for tradition mixes with the taste for research and brings to light eggs with a much more refined taste, such as those with dark chocolate and hot pepper and those with lavender and raspberry. The latter are made with white chocolate combined with dried raspberries... very tasty and creamy! Also, during the rest of the year, you don't have to miss their wide selection of pralines. In fact, this chocolate shop produces as many as 40 different types of pralines. Among these are those with dark chocolate and Sicilian orange, those with sesame and Himalayan pink salt, pistachio cremino, candied orange peels covered with dark chocolate... and many, many others! To purchase these products you can make takeout, or order from their online shop.

The egg of Mannori chocolate shop

Via Alessandro Lazzerini, 2
0574 21628

For a moment of joy, a cuddle or a special gift, at Pasticceria Mannori you can find a production of real delicacies typical of the craft tradition. On the occasion of Easter there is a selection of eggs specially designed. In the showcase there are eggs with dark or milk chocolate, wrapped in different ways. Not to be missed are the Pralinati, made with a base of chocolate (both milk and dark chocolate) combined with hazelnut grains, or puffed rice. The fact that each egg can be personalized on request, with various decorations or surprises, is fundamental. Absolutely not to be missed is the subject matter, handmade by Maestro Mannori himself. This includes various painted figures representing different subjects made with the shape of the egg. Some examples beloved by customers are bunnies and teddy bears. What makes this pastry shop famous throughout the rest of the year is, without a doubt, its Torta Setteveli: a true triumph of taste in a cocoa sponge cake placed on a base of cereal praline. To place any order you can access their online shop, or make a call. The delivery service is totally free in the area of Prato, while outside the municipality the rate varies.

The egg of Catinari chocolate shop

Via Provinciale Pratese, 378
0574 718506

Undoubtedly its motto ("Quality as a life choice") represents the true essence of this chocolate shop. During the Easter holidays, many eggs crowd its display case. The most popular ones are the eggs decorated on the surface with some of their chocolates... a delicacy that you absolutely must not miss! Starting from this year (given the exponential increase of pistachio lovers) they have created eggs with two internal layers of Bronte pistachio cream... the type of chocolate (dark, milk or white) to be placed on the surface follows the customer's tastes. Moreover, their Dusty Eggs (covered with cocoa powder) and their Velvety Eggs are really creative. Not to be missed is also the Ruby Chocolate Egg which, with its natural pink coloration and its taste (which may remind one of berries), represents a sensory experience not to be missed! Not to be missed the Bigusto Egg (which satisfies everyone's needs) and the classic eggs with chocolate and hazelnut (available both in grains and whole). Also from this chocolate shop are the Single Origin Eggs (from Sao Tome), made with 80% cocoa and whole, roasted cocoa beans... definitely very flavored! Finally, the 100% Dark Chocolate Egg is available (on order only). The cocoa seeds inside have the task of naturally "lightening" the bitter taste. We suggest to accompany it with a high quality rum, able to exalt all the flavors. The delivery service is active, completely free of charge in the Agliana area for orders over 60 euro. Catinari is synonymous with quality, passion and tradition. All of this can be found in their praline shop that boasts a vast assortment of top products... run to try them!

Slitti's chocolate egg

Via Francesca sud, 1268
0572 640240

Andrea Slitti is now considered one of the most important artisan chocolatiers in the world. His mastery and artistic vein have led him to win all the most prestigious international chocolate competitions, forming an enviable list of gold medals. Image of this reality is Lattenereo chocolate, made with milk and 45% of cocoa mass. On the occasion of Easter, this company has created many lines of artisanal eggs, in order to meet everyone's needs. It starts with the Ciuffo Line (a tinfoil egg wrapped in fabric with an incomparable elegance), then the Elegant Line (with 73% Grancacao, or 45% Lattenero) and finally the delicious Nocciolati (created with an external shell of grains of hazelnuts and dark or milk chocolate). Not to be missed is the Fantasy Line, in which are included delicious figures entirely made of chocolate. The only two exceptions are the Marshmallow Fantasy Egg (an egg with a white chocolate
(an egg with a shell made of white chocolate and a milk chocolate one which has delicious marshmallows set inside) and the Fantasy Mix Fruit Egg. The latter is enriched with coconut, strawberry, wild strawberries and dried pineapple... beautiful to see and delicious to taste! All of this is available in milk or dark chocolate versions. For any order, their online shop is active. What are you waiting for? Run and order one!

The egg of Bruno Corsini

Bruno Corsini
Piazza San Francesco d'Assisi, 42
0573 20138

In the heart of Pistoia Corsini has been in business for 102 years. This chocolate shop is a true place of worship for chocolate lovers. On the occasion of Easter, the Cioccolateria Corsini has placed great emphasis on dark chocolate: it is a real return to the real thing. For this very reason there are different types of dark chocolate eggs: Soave (recommended to educate children to this taste) at 52%, while for fundamentalists there are eggs with 80% or 99% cocoa. New for this year are: the Egg with pistachios grains, or those with pistachio spread. However, for true lovers of dried fruit, those with whole hazelnuts placed inside the shell are a must... an explosion of goodness guaranteed by the quality of the product (carefully roasted and 100% Italian). The love for their work pushes this company to follow all the needs of their customers. It is no coincidence that there are (on request) Eggs Bisgusto (with a dark and a milk shell) with a small white chocolate egg inside... a delicious surprise that will make everyone happy! Not to be missed, during the rest of the year, is the Panforte of Pistoia. This is an ancient recipe (totally flourless and with a heart made of Pasta Italia) created by the founder of the company and passed down from generation to generation. There is an active delivery service that in the area is completely free, while the price varies outside the area.

The egg of La Molina chocolate shop

La Molina
Via Bologna, 21
0573 774379

La Molina is a Tuscan company of excellence in the artisan processing of chocolate, which dedicates all its energies to the creation of products of the highest quality and great visual impact. For the holidays, this chocolatier has created an egg with glass packaging, completely recyclable (awarded Best International Product Packaging at the Cologne Fair in 2015). The range of types is vast: it goes from White (an egg made of white chocolate with caramelized cocoa nibs, filled with gianduia cream), to Dark (an egg with 64% dark chocolate, filled with dark gianduia cream), to Gold (made with blond chocolate, caramelized cocoa nibs and salted milk gianduia filling), and finally to Pistachio (made with white chocolate, pistachio nibs and filled with pistachio cream). What is its peculiarity? That it can be comfortably enjoyed in the glass jar as if it were a soft-boiled egg! A real explosion of creativity and skill... with a touch of madness! Don't miss their Molinoska: 3 eggs (with 3 different flavors) placed one inside the other... don't forget the surprise! A very nice matryoshka! The proposals do not end here! La Molina, in fact, also produces the Hazelnut Egg (with a layer of dark chocolate, one with gianduia and one with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts), the Three Layer Egg (one with milk chocolate, one with gianduia and another with milk chocolate), the Egg with white chocolate and raspberries, the Egg with blond chocolate and salted almonds... and much more! The products of La Molina chocolate shop are real delicacies... try it to believe it! The delivery service is active, placing an order in their online shop.

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